All masters courses

All masters courses

In the list below you will find all master's courses offered at NHH, grouped by teaching language.

  • Domestic students select courses equivalent to 22,5 ECTS.
  • International students select courses equivalent to 45 ECTS. At least three of the elective courses (equivalent to 22.5 ECTS) must be from outside the chosen major. It is possible to combine three of the elective courses (22.5 ECTS) into a minor concentration by choosing these from one of the other specialisations. International degree students are, however, not required to have a minor. 
    Please note: Unfortunately, the information in this section has been unclear until 13.09.18. As stated in the curriculum, the minor cannot include courses with course code from own major (this applies for all students starting their programme in autumn 2017 or later).


New courses autumn 2020 (EN/NO)

Code Name Stp Semester
BAN400 BAN400R Programming for Data Science 7.5 Autumn
BAN434 BAN434Social and Economic Networks 7.5 Spring
BAN435 BAN435 Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies 2.5 Autumn
BUS469 BUS469Corporate Liability and Sustainable Markets 7.5 Autumn
ECN432 ECN432Retail Economics 7.5 Spring
FIE460 FIE460Ship Finance and Marine Insurance 7.5 Autumn
FIE461 FIE461Risk and Insurance 7.5 Autumn

Elective subjects - offered in Norwegian

Code Name Stp Semester
BUS400N BUS400NManagement Control (N) 7.5 Autumn
BUS401N BUS401NStrategic Profitability Analysis and Pricing 7.5 Autumn
BUS402 BUS402Financial Accounting I (N) 7.5 Autumn
BUS422N BUS422NCapital Budgeting 7.5 Spring
BUS424N BUS424NFinancial Statement Analysis 7.5 Spring
BUS428 BUS428Organizational Economics 7.5 Spring
BUS432 BUS432Operation Management 7.5 Spring
BUS435N BUS435NAccounting and Budgeting in Governmental Organizations 7.5 Spring
BUS438 BUS438Strategic Outsourcing and Franchising 7.5 Spring
BUS440B BUS440BValuation with Financial Statement Analysis (N) 7.5 Autumn
BUS441 BUS441Competition Strategy (expired, replaced by ECN433) 7.5
BUS442 BUS442Competition - Law and Economics (N) 7.5 Autumn
BUS444N BUS444NEconometrics for Business Research 7.5 Autumn
BUS451 BUS451Dynamic Management Control 7.5 Spring
BUS466 BUS466Corporate Real Estate: Investment and Management (N) 7.5 Autumn
BUS467 BUS467Management of the Procurement Function 7.5 Spring
ECN426 ECN426Challenges for the Welfare State 7.5 Spring
ECN427 ECN427Cost-Benefit Analysis (N) 7.5 Autumn
ECN433 ECN433Competition Strategy (formerly BUS441) 7.5 Autumn
ECO427 ECO427Industrial Organization 7.5 Spring
ECO441 ECO441Taxes and Public Policy 7.5 Spring
FIE400N FIE400NInvestments (N) 7.5 Autumn
FIE420 FIE420Money and Banking (N) 7.5 Autumn
FIE423 FIE423Fixed Income 7.5 Spring
FIE426 FIE426Asset Management 7.5 Spring
FIE431 FIE431Crashes and Crises (N) 7.5 Autumn
FIE432 FIE432Private Finance 7.5 Autumn
MRR411 MRR411Auditing I (N) 7.5 Autumn
MRR412 MRR412Financial Accounting I (N) 7.5 Autumn
MRR416 MRR416Business Law (N) 7.5 Autumn
MRR418 MRR418Tax Law and Vat (N) 7.5 Autumn
MRR443 MRR443Valuation Issues in the Financial Statements 7.5 Spring
MRR445 MRR445Topics in Auditing 7.5 Autumn
MRR451 MRR451Auditing II 7.5 Spring
MRR452 MRR452Financial Accounting II 7.5 Spring
MRR453 MRR453Digital Auditing 7.5 Spring
STR425 STR425Negotiations 7.5 Autumn Spring
STR433 STR433Ethical Action: Individual, Organization, and Society (N) 7.5 Autumn
STR435 STR435Personnel Economics 7.5 Spring
STR436 STR436Leadership and Organizational Decision Making 7.5 Spring
STR437 STR437Team and Team Management (N) 7.5 Autumn
STR446 STR446Process Management (N) 7.5 Autumn
STR447 STR447Human Resource Management 7.5 Spring
STR453 STR453Digitalization 7.5 Spring
STR455 STR455Developing Competitive Advantage in Kknowledge Iintensive Firms (N) 7.5 Autumn
STR456 STR456Leadership and Leader Psychology 7.5 Spring
STR459 STR459Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 7.5 Autumn

Elective courses - offered in English

Code Name Stp Semester
BAN401 BAN401Applied Programming and Data Analysis for Business 7.5 Autumn
BAN402 BAN402Decision Modelling in Business 7.5 Autumn
BAN403 BAN403Simulation of Business Processes 7.5 Spring
BAN404 BAN404Predictive Analytics with R 7.5 Spring
BAN420 BAN420Introduction to R 2.5 Autumn
BAN423 BAN423Benchmarking with DEA, SFA, and R 2.5 Autumn
BAN424 BAN424Applications of Business Analytics 2.5 Autumn
BAN425 BAN425Applied Risk Management 2.5 Spring
BAN426 BAN426Applied Data Science 2.5 Spring
BAN427 BAN427Insurance Analytics 2.5 Autumn
BAN430 BAN430Forecasting 7.5 Spring
BAN432 BAN432Applied Textual Data Analysis for Business and Finance 7.5 Autumn
BAN433 BAN433Applied Cloud Computing for Enterprises 2.5 Spring
BUS400E BUS400EManagement Control 7.5 Autumn
BUS401E BUS401EStrategic Profitability Analysis and Pricing 7.5 Autumn
BUS402E BUS402EFinancial Accounting I 7.5 Spring
BUS403 BUS403Supply Chain Management 7.5 Autumn
BUS422E BUS422ECapital Budgeting 7.5 Autumn
BUS424E BUS424EStrategic Financial Statement Analysis 7.5 Autumn
BUS429 BUS429Pricing Analytics and Revenue Management 7.5 Autumn
BUS435E BUS435EGovernmental and Nonbusiness Accounting 7.5 Autumn
BUS443 BUS443Fraud Detection 7.5 Autumn
BUS444E BUS444EEconometrics for Business Research 7.5 Spring
BUS446 BUS446Sustainable Business Models 7.5 Autumn Spring
BUS452 BUS452Corruption - Incentives, Disclosure and Liability 7.5 Spring
BUS456 BUS456Behavioral Business Strategy 7.5 Autumn
BUS460 BUS460Operational Risk Management 7.5 Autumn
BUS465 BUS465Corporate Crime: Detection and Prevention 7.5 Spring
CEMS401 CEMS401Global Strategy 7.5 Autumn
CEMS402 CEMS402Global Leadership (TBA, spring 2021) 7.5 Spring
ECN400 ECN400Macroeconomic Theory and Policy 7.5 Autumn
ECN401 ECN401Microeconomic Theory with Applications 7.5 Spring
ECN402 ECN402Econometrics 7.5 Autumn Spring
ECN420 ECN420Petroleum Economics 7.5 Spring
ECN421 ECN421Behavioral Economics 7.5 Spring
ECN423 ECN423Development Economics 7.5 Autumn
ECN425 ECN425Labour Economics 7.5 Autumn
ECN429 ECN429The Economics of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management 7.5 Spring
ECN430 ECN430Empirical Methods and Applications in Macroeconomics and Finance 7.5 Spring
ECO400 ECO400Decisions, Strategy and Information 7.5 Autumn
ECO401 ECO401Optimisation and Microeconomic Theory 7.5 Autumn
ECO421 ECO421Asset Pricing 7.5 Autumn
ECO422 ECO422Advanced Corporate Finance 7.5 Autumn
ECO423 ECO423Advanced Derivatives 7.5 Spring
ECO433 ECO433Empirical Strategies for Causal Analysis 7.5 Spring
ECO439 ECO439Resource Economics 7.5 Spring
ELE426 ELE426Norwegian Language III: Norwegian Business and Society 7.5 Autumn
ENE421 ENE421Energy and Resource Industries 7.5 Autumn
ENE423 ENE423Economics of the Environment and Climate 7.5 Autumn
ENE424 ENE424Electricity Markets 7.5 Autumn
ENE425 ENE425Sustainable Energy 7.5 Spring
ENE427 ENE427Land Use and Natural Resources 7.5 Spring
ENE430 ENE430Commodity Trading and Transport 7.5 Spring
ENE431 ENE431Shipping Economics and Analytics 7.5 Autumn
ENE434 ENE434Energy Industry Analytics 7.5 Spring
ENE452 ENE452Seminar: Climate Change and Ethical Challenges 2.5 Autumn
ENE456 ENE456Seminar: Corporate and private environmental responsibility 2.5 Spring
ENE467 ENE467Energy and Climate Policy 2.5 Spring
ENEINT ENEINTInternship 2.5 Autumn Spring
ETI450 ETI450Corporate Social Responsibility 7.5 Spring
FIE400E FIE400EInvestments 7.5 Autumn Spring
FIE401 FIE401Financial Econometrics 7.5 Autumn Spring
FIE402 FIE402Corporate Finance 7.5 Autumn Spring
FIE403 FIE403Business Cycle Analysis 7.5 Autumn Spring
FIE421 FIE421Long-Term Macroeconomic Analysis 7.5 Spring
FIE425 FIE425Derivatives and Risk Management 7.5 Autumn
FIE432E FIE432EPersonal Finance and Taxation 7.5 Spring
FIE433 FIE433International Finance 7.5 Spring
FIE434 FIE434Behavioural Finance and Wealth Management 7.5 Spring
FIE436 FIE436Venture Capital, Private Equity and IPO's 7.5 Spring
FIE437 FIE437Valuation 7.5 Autumn
FIE441 FIE441Taxes and Business Strategy 7.5 Spring
FIE442 FIE442Growth and Architecture of Financial Systems 7.5 Autumn Spring
FIE443 FIE443Mergers and Acquisitions 7.5 Spring
FIE447 FIE447Trading, Liquidity, and Pricing in Securities Markets 7.5 Autumn
FIE448 FIE448Banking and FinTech 7.5 Spring
FIE450 FIE450Programming with Applications in Finance 7.5 Spring
FIE451 FIE451Asset Management with Programming Applications 7.5 Spring
FIE453 FIE453Big Data with Applications to Finance 7.5 Autumn
FIE457 FIE457Entrepreneurial Finance 7.5 Autumn
FIE459 FIE459Sustainable Finance 7.5 Autumn
INB423 INB423International Marketing 7.5 Autumn
INB427 INB427Globalisation and Integration 7.5 Spring
INTERN-A-M INTERN-A-MInternship abroad Master 7.5 Autumn Spring
MBM400A MBM400AResearch for Brand Decisions 7.5 Autumn
MBM401B MBM401BConsumer Behaviour 7.5 Autumn
MBM402B MBM402BBrand Management 7.5 Autumn
MBM424 MBM424Market Communication Effectiveness 7.5 Spring
MBM431 MBM431Commercialization of Innovations 7.5 Autumn
MBM432 MBM432Sustainable Marketing 7.5 Spring
NBD404 NBD404R&D and Intellectual Property 7.5 Autumn
NBD405 NBD405New Business Development in Practice 7.5 Spring
NBD406 NBD406Innovation and Strategic Entrepreneurship 7.5 Autumn
NBD409 NBD409Value-creation by Design 7.5 Spring
NBD412 NBD412Platform-Based Business Models 7.5 Spring
NBD413 NBD413Technology Adoption and Consumer Psychology 7.5 Spring
NBD490 NBD490Entrepreneurship: 10 Weeks to Launch 15 Spring
STR402A STR402AMethodology for Master Thesis 7.5 Autumn Spring
STR404 STR404Strategic Analysis 7.5 Autumn
STR421 STR421Competitive Strategy 7.5 Spring
STR445 STR445Human Capital, Mobility and Diversity in Firms 7.5 Autumn
STR451 STR451Managerial Decision Making 7.5 Spring
STR452 STR452Strategy with Finance 7.5 Spring
STR460 STR460Managing Change and Innovation 7.5 Autumn
ECO420 ECO420Corporate Governance 7.5 Spring

Expired or currently not offered courses

Code Name Stp Semester
BAN422 BAN422Visualization in R (expired) 2.5
ECN422 ECN422International Economics (not offered) 7.5
BAN421 BAN421Data Structures in R 2.5
BAN431 BAN431Econometrics and Statistical Programming (expired) 7.5
BUS401 BUS401Strategic Profitability Analysis and Pricing 7.5
BUS420 BUS420Business Decisions with Data simulations (N) (not offered) 7.5
BUS422 BUS422Capital Budgeting (replaced by BUS422E and BUS422N) 7.5
BUS423 BUS423Simulation of Business Processes (Expired, replaced by BAN403) 7.5
BUS424 BUS424Strategic Financial Statement Analysis (Expired - replaced by BUS424E) 7.5
BUS425 BUS425Valuation and Strategic Financial Analysis (expired) 7.5
BUS426E BUS426EAuditing (expired, replaced by MRR411E) 7.5
BUS426N BUS426NAuditing (expired, replaced by MRR411) 7.5
BUS427 BUS427Advanced Management Accounting (not offered) 7.5
BUS432E BUS432EOperations Management (not offered) 7.5
BUS435 BUS435Accounting and Budgeting in Governmental Organizations 7.5
BUS437 BUS437Valuation, Financial Analysis and Accounting (expired) 7.5
BUS440 BUS440Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation (expired, replaced by BUS440A) 7.5
BUS440A BUS440AValuation (not offered) 7.5
BUS440E BUS440EValuation with Financial Statement Analysis (not offered) 7.5
BUS444 BUS444Econometrics for Business Research (N) 7.5
BUS444 BUS444Econometrics for Business Research 7.5
BUS445 BUS445Cases in Management Accounting (expired) 7.5
BUS447 BUS447Financial Accounting - IFRS (expired, replaced by BUS402E/MRR412E) 7.5
BUS448 BUS448Auctions, Sales and Procurement (not offered) 7.5
BUS449 BUS449Multivariate Analysis for Business Economics (expired) 7.5
BUS450 BUS450Strategic Risk Management (N) (not offered) 7.5
BUS453 BUS453Enterprise Risk Management: Principles and Methods (expired) 7.5
BUS454 BUS454Financial Reporting IFRS II (expired) 7.5
BUS455 BUS455Applied Programming and Data Analysis for Business (Expired, eplaced by BAN401) 7.5
BUS457 BUS457Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation (expired, replaced by BUS440E) 7.5
BUS458 BUS458International Business Taxation (not offered) 7.5
BUS459 BUS459Predictive Analytics with R (expired, replaced by BAN404) 7.5
BUS462 BUS462Benchmarking with DEA, SFA, and R (expired, replaced by BAN423) 2.5
BUS463 BUS463Data Structures in R (expired, replaced by BAN421) 2.5
BUS464 BUS464Visualization in R (expired, replaced by BAN422) 2.5
ECN424 ECN424Competition Policy (expired) 7.5
ECN428 ECN428Norwegian Economic Policy in Historical Perspective (not offered) 7.5
ECN431 ECN431Applied Data Analysis of Firm Strategy and Competition (not offered) 7.5
ECO403 ECO403Time Series Analysis and Prediction (expired) 7.5
ECO425 ECO425International Macroeconomics (not offered) 7.5
ECO437 ECO437Topics in Stochastic Methods: Stochastic Analysis with Applications in Economics 7.5
ECO438 ECO438Health Economics and the Pharmaceutical Industry (expired) 7.5
ECO440 ECO440Economics of Uncertainty: Insurance and Finance (not offered) 7.5
ELE427 ELE427Social Entrepreneurship (expired) 6
ELE428 ELE428Natural Resource Management: The Norwegian Model (not offered) 6
ELE429 ELE429Norwegian economy, history and politics (not offered) 7.5
ELE430 ELE430Business Model Innovation for Entrepreneurs (expired) 6
ENE420 ENE420Decision Modelling in Business (utgått - erstattet av BUS461) 7.5
ENE422 ENE422Financial Aspects of Energy and Commodity Markets (expired) 7.5
ENE426 ENE426Economics of Climate Change (not offered) 7.5
ENE428 ENE428Empirical Analysis of Energy Markets (not offered) 7.5
ENE429 ENE429Management of the Environment and Natural Resources (not offered) 7.5
ENE432 ENE432Measuring Sustainability in Accounting and Finance (not offered) 7.5
ENE433 ENE433Natural Resource Management: The Norwegian Model (not offered) 7.5
ENE451 ENE451Seminar: Risk Management and Safety (expired) 2.5
ENE454 ENE454Seminar: Communicating in the Energy Sector: Intercultural Interaction (Expired) 2.5
ENE458 ENE458Seminar: The Economics and Politics of Global Agriculture and Trade (expired) 2.5
ENE459 ENE459Seminar: Energy Challenges and Energy Production in the 21st Century (not offered) 2.5
ENE462 ENE462Seminar: ENE Value Chains - Learning by Serious Games (expired) 2.5
ENE463 ENE463Seminar: Petroleum Management in Newfoundland and Norway (expired) 2.5
ENE464 ENE464International Environmental Cooperation (N) (not offered) 2.5
ENE465 ENE465Economics of Environmental Crimes (not offered) 2.5
ENE466 ENE466Bidding in Deregulated Electricity Markets (expired) 2.5
ETI451 ETI451Diversity in Firm and Ethics (not offered) 2.5
FIE401A FIE401AFinancial Data Analysis (expired) 7.5
FIE401B FIE401BFinancial Data Analysis (expired) 7.5
FIE401E FIE401EEmpirical Methods in Finance (expired) 7.5
FIE402E FIE402ECorporate Finance (expired, replaced by FIE402) 7.5
FIE402N FIE402NCorporate Finance (expired) 7.5
FIE422 FIE422International Financial Markets and Financial Stability (expired) 7.5
FIE427 FIE427Financial Contracts (expired) 7.5
FIE428 FIE428Cases in Corporate Finance (not offered) 7.5
FIE435 FIE435Financial Modelling (expired) 7.5
FIE437A FIE437AValuation (expired, replaced by FIE437) 7.5
FIE437B FIE437BValuation (expired, replaced by FIE437) 7.5
FIE438 FIE438Applied Portfolio Management (expired) 7.5
FIE439 FIE439Empirical Analyses of Financial and Commodity Markets (expired) 7.5
FIE444 FIE444Bank Management (not offered) 7.5
FIE445 FIE445Project Finance (expired) 7.5
FIE446 FIE446Financial Engineering (not offered) 7.5
FIE449 FIE449Financial Econometrics (expired) 7.5
FIE452 FIE452Applied Textual Data Analysis for Business and Finance (expired, replaced by BAN432) 7.5
FIE454 FIE454Business and Finance in China (not offered) 7.5
FIE455 FIE455Credit Analysis (expired) 7.5
FIE456 FIE456FinTech (not offered) 7.5
FIE458 FIE458Deep Learning with Applications to Finance (expired) 7.5
INB400 INB400Global Strategy and Management (not offered) 7.5
INB421 INB421International Business and Nonbusiness Accounting 7.5
INB422 INB422International Strategy (expired) 7.5
INB422C INB422CInternational Strategy 7.5
INB428 INB428Topics in International Economic History in the 19th and 20th Century 7.5
INB429 INB429EU Law 7.5
INB431 INB431Global Management Practice (expired - replaced by CEMS402)s 7.5
INTM-BRA INTM-BRAInternAbroad: Business, Culture and Sustainability (Expired) 7.5
INTM-JAP INTM-JAPInternJapan Master (expired) 7.5
MBM420 MBM420Brand Strategy (expired) 7.5
MBM421 MBM421Managing Corporate Reputation (expired) 7.5
MBM422 MBM422The Collaborative Economy (expired, replaced by NBD411) 7.5
MBM427 MBM427Distribution Channels and B2B Marketing (expired) 7.5
MBM428 MBM428Product Development and Design (not offered) 7.5
MBM429 MBM429Value-Creation through Service (expired, replaced by NBD409) 7.5
MBM430 MBM430Global Business Venturing (not offered) 7.5
MRR411E MRR411EAuditing I (not offered) 7.5
NBD407 NBD407Business Model Innovation (not offered) 7.5
NBD408 NBD408Social Entrepreneurship (expired) 7.5
NBD410 NBD410Corporate Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age (expired) 7.5
NBD411 NBD411The Collaborative Economy (expired) 7.5
STR405 STR405Methodology for Master Thesis (expired - replaced by STR402A) 7.5
STR420 STR420Business Location Decisions (Expired) 7.5
STR422 STR422Implementation of Strategic Change and Learning in Organizations (not offered) 7.5
STR428 STR428Corporate Strategy (expired) 7.5
STR432 STR432Strategic Alliances and Networks (expired) 7.5
STR444 STR444Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (expired) 7.5
STR448 STR448Economic Organisation and Theory of the firm (expired) 7.5
STR450 STR450Risk Judgements (expired) 7.5
STR454 STR454Corporate Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age (expired, replaced by NBD410) 7.5
STR457 STR457Leadership in Action (N) (expired) 2.5
STR458 STR458Cooperative Strategies (not offered) 7.5