Internship in Asset Management

INT411 Internship in Asset Management

Autumn 2023

Spring 2024
  • Topics

    If you are up for a challenge and curious to learn more about asset management, this course is for you. The ultimate goal of the asset management industry is to create value by investing in various financial instruments (primarily stocks and bonds). The course consists of an academic component and an internship facilitated by Finance Norway. Among partner companies are independent asset management companies, as well as asset management entities belonging to banks and insurance companies. Internship experience is enriching and can contribute to increasing candidate’s attractiveness on the job market b­­oth in Norway and abroad.

    The program begins with an intensive 5 (possibly 6) days academic module in April 2023 which is a combination of traditional academic lectures, cases, and guest lectures from leading industry practitioners, including the Norwegian Oil Fund (NBIM). The academic module is followed by a 5-week summer internship in one of the partner companies. Upon completion of the internship, 1 (possibly 2) day reflection workshop is organized in August 2023. Afterwards, students prepare a group reflection report which will be presented and discussed in front of the partner companies at a final day in September 2023.

    More practical information will follow in January 2023:

  • Learning outcome

    Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have attained the following:

    Knowledge - The candidate

    • Understands academic theories on which professional asset management builds on.
    • Understands the operational aspects of professional asset management industry.
    • Understands the role asset management plays in modern society.

    Skills - The candidate

    • Is able to apply asset management theory to real-life problems.
    • Is able to reflect on how asset management theories and practice are interconnected.
    • Is able to critically evaluate financial decisions from various angles, both financial and ethical, and take responsibility for the consequences of these decisions.
    • Is able to observe, describe, and reflect on team-work dynamics and his/her role in a team and organization.

    General competence - The candidate

    • Has adopted a more mature level of self-reflection and can use it for personal development.
    • Has an understanding of whether a career in Finance suits her or him.
    • Understands and is familiar with coping strategies related to working in diverse and ambitious teams.

  • Teaching

    5 (possibly 6) days academic module in April 2023 is focused on relevant asset management topics and is a combination of traditional academic lectures, cases, and guest lectures from the industry practitioners.

    The 5-week long internship should be completed during summer 2023.

    Upon completion of the internship: 1 (possible 2) day reflection workshop in August 2023 and a presentation of the reflection report at a 1-day closing session in September 2023.

  • Restricted access

    This course is restricted to full-time Master students (any major) in their first, second, or third semester. Students that finish their degree in the spring semester of 2023 (with or without INT411) are not eligible to take the course .

    The space in this course is limited, therefore it has a separate competitive admission process.

    More practical information will follow in January 2023:

  • Credit reduction due to overlap

    This course cannot be included in the degree if taken in combination with INTERN-A-M / Grunderskolen / Innovation School / Social entrepreneurship. Courses not included in the degree will be shown in at separate transcript.

  • Compulsory Activity

    • 5 (possibly 6) days academic module: preparation, mandatory attendance, and active class participation
    • Completion of the internship
    • 1 (possibly 2) day reflection workshop: preparation, mandatory attendance, and active class participation

  • Assessment

    A final report  to be written in groups of 3-4 people. In the report students should reflect on their learning and new perspectives gained throughout the course and compare it with their groupmates’ experiences. Note: report should not expose potentially confidential matters of the employers.

    The final report is submitted online via WISEflow. The final report must be presented in front of all course participants and representatives from the partner companies at the 1-day closing session in September 2023.

    Assessment of the course is based on the final report and its presentation.

  • Grading Scale



ECTS Credits
Teaching language
Teaching will be in English, whilst the internships may be either with Norwegian or English as working languages.

Starts in April, and ends in September. Offered in 2023

Please note that that this course cannot be included in any of the majors, and if included in the degree it cannot count as part of the 22.5 ECTS that has to be in a different subject area than the major ("breddekravet").

Course responsible

Assistant Professor Darya Yuferova, Department of Finance