MSc in Economics and Business Administration

MSc in Economics and Business Administration

Academic strength and comprehensive understanding of business and industry. With a master's degree from NHH you get the best foundation for an inspiring career.

It makes a difference where you study! NHH is among the best ranked business schools in Europe. A master's degree from NHH enables you to make qualified decisions for business and society. Flexibility lets you tailor your degree to your academic interests and career ambitions, and opens the way to exceptional international experiences.

For students with a bachelor's degree from Norway, please see the programme description in Norwegian



Programme structure

The MSc programme consists of a major (45 ECTS), elective courses (45 ECTS, whereof 22,5 ECTS may form a minor) and a master’s thesis (30 ECTS).

We recommend the following semester structure: 

  1. semester: 30 ECTS major
  2. semester: 15 ECTS major + 15 ECTS elective/minor
  3. semester: 30 ECTS elective/minor/exchange
  4. semester: 30 ECTS master's thesis

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No tuition fees

NHH is a publicly funded university and charges no application or tuition fees. This applies to both Norwegian and international students.

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Career opportunities

NHH graduates are highly sought after by potential employers. Surveys shows that our graduates quickly find relevant well-paid jobs. The majority of NHH students receive a job offer before graduating.

A master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration gives you a comprehensive education that qualifies for a wide range of jobs, regardless of which major you choose. You will find more information on typical career opportunities in the description of each specialisation.

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International opportunities

As an NHH student, you have excellent opportunities to gain international experience through exchange programmes, the CEMS Master's in International Management (MIM), the Double Degree programme and summer courses.

The programme accommodates for students to go on exchange during their studies, and more than 50 per cent make use of this opportunity. This makes NHH the Norwegian exchange champions!

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Student life

The NHH experience is not limited to the classrooms and study halls. Engaging in student activities, will provide you with new friends and possibilities to develop your teamwork and leadership skills.

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Admission requirements

Admission to the MSc programme at NHH requires Higher Education Entrance Qualification and a completed degree comparable to a Norwegian bachelor's degree, whereof 90 ECTS must be within economics and business administration. 

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MSc in Economics and Business Administration