Strategy and Management

The study of strategy is fundamentally about understanding why some businesses succeed while others do not.

With this as a basis, the Strategy and Management (STR) major focuses on two sets of fundamental questions that illuminate this overarching theme in different ways:   

  1. What creates differences in performance between businesses and industries and why do such differences persist over time, and how can firms use this knowledge to create effective strategies?
  2. How can firms—through leading and developing individuals, groups, and organisations—implement strategies or carry out complex change processes?

About the programme

ECTS Credits
MSc in Economics and Business administration
  • Subject areas

    Subject areas

    The STR major comprises two different areas of expertise/themes, "Strategic Analysis" and "Organisation and Leadership".

    1. The Strategic Analysis theme examines theories, mechanisms, and practical frameworks that can be used to understand why differences in performance both between and within markets can arise, how and why such differences can persist over time, and how this affects strategic decisions in companies.

    2. The Organisation and Leadership theme examines the business itself, with a focus on the challenges business leaders meet when they plan to implement or deploy strategies, how one should lead and develop the business’s human resources, and how one can carry out complex organisational changes.

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  • Learning outcome

    Learning outcome


    K1: Have updated knowledge about and an overview of theory and research on strategy, organisation and management

    K2: Have in-depth knowledge of theory and research in the field of either strategy, organisation or management

    K3: Have sound knowledge of empirical methods and ethics



    S1: Be capable of keeping up to date with and making use of new knowledge in the field throughout their professional career

    S2: Have acquired good analytical and methodological skills

    S3: Have learned how to work independently on advanced problems in the field of either strategy, organisation or management


    General competence

    G1: Be capable of communicating and cooperating with both specialists and others on questions relating to strategy, organisation and management

    G2: Have acquired knowledge about and the ability to reflect on and take account of ethical issues and social responsibility in connection with strategy, organisation and management

    G3: Be capable of using knowledge about strategy, organisation and management to contribute to original thinking and innovation

  • Recommended course combinations

    Recommended course combinations

    In addition to the mandatory course STR 404 Strategic analysis and a mandatory methods course, we recommend that you take at least two courses from the following list:

    • STR 452 Strategy with Finance
    • STR 421 Competitive Strategy
    • NBD 407 Business Model Innovation
    • NBD 406 Innovation and Strategic Entrepreneurship
    • STR 460 Managing Chance and Innovation
    • INB 400 International Organization and Management
    • STR 458 Cooperative Strategies
  • Research distinction courses

    Research distinction courses

    Are you curious about taking a PhD or interested in more research-oriented work both at NHH and later in your career, find out more about the Research Distinction track within the master's programme.

    Read more about Research distinction

  • Ethics courses

    Ethics courses

    Ethics courses available in the STR major:

    • ETI450 Corporate Social Responsibility
    • BUS452 Corruption - Incentives, Disclosure and Liability
    • BUS446 Sustainable Business Models

    Remember that the ethics course can also be a part of your elective courses.

    See list of all ethics courses

  • International opportunities

    International opportunities

    As an NHH student you have excellent opportunities to gain valuable international experience during your studies through exchange programmes, the CEMS Master's in International Management (MIM) joint degree and summer courses.

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  • Career


    As an NHH graduate you have numerous career possibilities.

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