Inger G. Stensaker


Inger Stensaker is Professor in Strategic Change at NHH Norwegian School of Economics. Her research interests are within the area of strategy implementation, strategic change processes, organizational change capacity, innovation and renewal capacity and qualitative process studies.

She has extensive experience leading collaborative and cross-disciplinary research projects and strongly believes in developing close academic-practitioner relationships.

In her research, Stensaker works closely with firms as they are undergoing strategic change and renewal in order to explore how they can develop capacity for change and innovation. She typically examines strategic change processes from various levels in the organization (top management, middle management and employee level) and draws on sensemaking and identity theory to understand the dynamics of change.

Her work is published in Human Relations, Long Range Planning, Human Resource Management, British Journal of Management, Journal of International Business, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Organizational Dynamics and Journal of Change Management. Stensaker is past Chair of the ODC division at Academy of Management.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Kleppe, Ingeborg Astrid; Caldwell, Marylouise; Stensaker, Inger G. Embodied, embedded and educated: How everyday heroes strive to save lives during a pandemic Marketing Theory Volume 23 (1); page 59 - 79; 2023
Meyer, Christine; Stensaker, Inger G. Amplify or Suppress? Top Leader Perspective on External Stakeholders' Influence on Organizational Change Outcomes Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (0 pages); 2023
Harlan, Justin Arthur; Stensaker, Inger G. Innovation by Proxy: How Technology Spinouts Can Benefit the Parent Firm Academy of Management Proceedings Volume 2023 (1); page 16951 - 16951; 2023
Stensaker, Inger G.; Colman, Helene Loe; Grøgaard, Birgitte The dynamics of union-management collaboration during postmerger integration Long Range Planning (17 pages); 2023
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