Department of Strategy and Management

Department of Strategy and Management

Questions about management, leadership, service innovation, marketing and communication are all of vital importance for business and society.

The high quality research, dissemination and teaching conducted by the Department of Strategy and Management, influences public opinion and policy, and contributes to the global research environment.

Our faculty members, many with international background and experience, utilize their broad national and global networks to develop research and teaching alliances with recognized business schools. This cooperation opens for collaboration with industry partners and allows us to produce relevant research and teaching that meets the demands of a fluctuating economic climate.

Recent Selected publications

Authors Title Publication

Basker, IngerN; Sverdrup, Therese E.;Schei, Vidar and Sandvik, Alexander M.

Embracing the duality of consideration and initiating structure: CEO leadership behaviors and small firm performance

Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 2020

Acar-Burkay, Simen; Schei, Vidar and Warlop, Luk

The best of Both Worlds? Negotiations Between Cooperators and Individualists Provide High Economic and Ralational Outcomes

 Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences and its Section on Group Decision and Negotiation, Springer, 2020

Iden, Jon; Eikebrokk, Tom Roar and Marrone, Mauricio

Process reference frameworks as institutional arrangements for digital service innovation

International Journal of Information Management, 2020

Foss, Nicolai J.; Klein, Peter G.; Lien, Lasse B.; Zellwegger, Thomas and Zenger, Todd

Ownership competence

Strategic Management Journal, 2020

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