Best Master's Thesis Award

Best Master's Thesis Award

The Department of Strategy and Management invites all the students who have written a master's thesis to compete for the Best Master's Thesis Award.

The Department of Strategy and Management (SOL) seeks to encourage the production of master's theses of the highest quality and promote the achievements that has been accomplished within the SOL's disciplines.

This award is an annual event open to everyone who writes their thesis within the Department discipline while supervised by one of the SOL's employees. Furthermore, the thesis must have been submitted for grading within the last 12 months.

The winner(s) will receive a diploma; have the opportunity to present their work at a faculty seminar and a cash prize of 15 000 NOK.

The purpose of the award is to encourage students to write good, solid master theses and to increase awareness of the high quality work that is accomplished in the Department disciplines.

The deadline to submit a thesis for the competition is 15 July.

A committee appointed by SOL will announce the winner(s) in the autumn.

Previous winners:

Lara Mellinger

"Consumer Ethnocentrism. A research synthesis and meta-analysis of its social-psychological antecedents and outcomes"
Supervisor: Einar Breivik


Johannes Solbraa Bay

"Innovation Adoption in Robotics: Consumer Intentions to Use Autonomous Vehicles"
Supervisor: Professor Herbjørn Nysveen



 "Human capital Investment in Economic Downturns: The Norwegian Oil and Gas Industry and the 2014/2015 oil price shock"
Supervisor: Professor Lasse B. Lien and Associate Professor Eirik Sjåholm Knudsen

Linn-Therese Holsen

"How Corporate Social Performance and Corporate Economic Performance Interact to Influence Corporate Attractiveness - and Experiment"
Supervisor: Professor Magne Supphellen


Even Meek Olsen and Astrid Sky

"How can service organizations improve the customer orientation of frontline employees?"
Supervisor: Professor Magne Supphellen