Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen


Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen is Associate Professor of Business Ethics. He holds a PhD degree from NHH Norwegian School of Economics (2009). He does research in two main areas: (1) The design and innovation of sustainable business models, and (2) natural field experiments on household-financial behavior, with a particular emphasis on socially and/or environmentally beneficial investment practices. His research has been published in journals such as Management Science and Journal of Business Ethics and by publishers such as Edward Elgar and John Wiley & Sons. Pedersen is affiliated with the Center for Service Innovation at NHH and is the chairman of the board of the school’s Center for Ethics and the Economy. He is an active public speaker and strategic advisor for business organizations and other institutions

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Døskeland, Trond M., Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes Investing with Brain or Heart? A Field Experiment on Responsible Investment Management science Volume 62 (6), page 1632 - 1644, 2016
Jørgensen, Sveinung, Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes Bærekraftige forretningsmodeller i varehandelen: En RESTART av bransjen? Nye forretningsmodeller i handelen : innovasjon for en bærekraftig fremtid, page 49 - 66, 2017
Jørgensen, Sveinung, Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes Designing sustainable business models Innovating for Trust, page 145 - 162, 2017
Gulbrandsen, Erlend Aas, Jørgensen, Sveinung, Kaarbøe, Katarina, Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes Developing Management Control Systems for Sustainable Business Models Beta. Scandinavian Journal of Business Research Volume 29 (1), page 10 - 25, 2015
Ims, Knut O. J., Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes Rethinking Business Ethics in an Age of Crisis Business and the Greater Good: Rethinking Business Ethics in an Age of Crisis, page 1 - 18, 2015
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