Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen


Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen is Professor and Co-Head of the Centre for Sustainable Business. He holds a PhD degree from NHH Norwegian School of Economics. He does research in two main areas: (1) The design and innovation of sustainable business models, and (2) natural field experiments on economic decision making, with a particular emphasis on pro-social and pro-environmental behaviors. His research has been published in journals such as Management Science and Journal of Business Ethics and by publishers such as Palgrave, Edward Elgar and Wiley.

Pedersen is an active public speaker and strategic advisor for business organizations and other institutions. He sits on several boards, including the board of the Norwegian Wine Monopoly, and is co-founder of a circular-economic start-up. He was a member of the committee that developed the Norwegian Transparency Act and has been project leader for several externally funded research projects in close collaboration with Norwegian business organizations.

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Skard, Siv E. Rosendahl; Jørgensen, Sveinung; Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes When is Sustainability a Liability, and When Is It an Asset? Quality Inferences for Core and Peripheral Attributes Journal of Business Ethics; 2020
Døskeland, Trond M.; Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes Does Wealth Matter for Responsible Investment? Experimental Evidence on the Weighing of Financial and Moral Arguments Business & Society; 2019
Jørgensen, Sveinung; Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes RESTART Sustainable Business Model Innovation Palgrave Macmillan; 2018
Døskeland, Trond M.; Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes Investing with Brain or Heart? A Field Experiment on Responsible Investment Management science Volume 62 (6); page 1632 - 1644; 2016
Jørgensen, Sveinung; Mjøs, Aksel; Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes Kva betyr det at noko er vesentlig i berekraftssamanheng? Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse Volume 25 (1); page 87 - 92; 2022
Jørgensen, Sveinung; Mjøs, Aksel; Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes Sustainability reporting and approaches to materiality: tensions and potential resolutions Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal (0 pages); 2021
Jørgensen, Sveinung; Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes; Skard, Siv E. Rosendahl How going green builds trusting beliefs Business Strategy and the Environment (BSE) (0 pages); 2021
Stuart, Bruce; Stuart, Iris; Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes Audit education : Toward virtue and duty Accounting ethics education : Making ethics real; page 39 - 63; 2021
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