Hallgeir Sjåstad

Professor Hallgeir Sjåstad

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Strategy and Management
Leadership Social psychology Judgement and decision-making


Hallgeir Sjåstad is a Professor of Psychology and Leadership at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). He is affiliated with the research center FAIR (NHH), Center for Well-Being, Welfare and Happiness at Stockholm School of Economics, and Center for Conflict and Cooperation at New York University. Sjåstad is an active researcher in the international community, and a frequently invited public speaker.


In his research, Sjåstad studies the psychology of decision-making, social life, happiness and meaning, and future-oriented thinking. In his teaching, he gives courses and guest lectures on experimental research methods, social psychology, decision-making and happiness research (SOL21), and psychology and leadership (SOL1).


Sjåstad is a clinical psychologist by training (Cand.psychol.), holding an Advanced Master of Science degree from the University of Bergen (2012), and received his Ph.D. degree in psychology and decision science from NHH in 2017. After working one year as a post-doc and two years as assistant professor in psychology and behavioral economics at the FAIR Insight Team (SNF), he returned to the strategy department (NHH) as associate professor in 2020. In 2022, Sjåstad was promoted to full professor at the age of 36, only 5 years since he defended his PhD.

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Selected publications

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