Helge Thorbjørnsen


Helge Thorbjørnsen is Professor of Marketing at NHH.

He was previous Vice Rector for Research (2013-2018) and Dean of the Doctoral Programme (2011-2018).

Thorbjørnsen holds a Master of Science degree from NHH and received his dr.oecon in marketing from NHH in 2003. He also holds a cand.mag degree in social sciences from the University of Bergen.

Thorbjørnsen is a research director at the Center for Applied Research at NHH (SNF) and a researcher at the Center for Service Innovation (CSI).

Helge Thorbjørnsen has been involved in several business start-ups and is co-founder and chairman of the board of the TV-experience company Sixty, and the consultancy firm Brand Cognition.

He also serves as member of the board of several corporations and organizations.

Helge Thorbjørnsen’s research focuses on consumer psychology, marketing research, service innovation, decision-making and brand management.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Thorbjørnsen, Helge; Ketelaar, Paul; Van'T Riet, Jonathan; Dahlèn, Micael How do teaser advertisements boost word of mouth about new products? For consumers, the future is more exciting than the present Journal of Advertising Research Volume 55 (1); page 73 - 78; 2015
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Dahlen, Micael; Thorbjørnsen, Helge; Sjödin, Henrik A TASTE OF "NEXTOPIA": Exploring Consumer Response to Advertising for Future Products Journal of Advertising Volume 40 (4); page 33 - 44; 2011
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Breivik, Einar; Thorbjørnsen, Helge Consumer brand relationships: an investigation of two alternative models Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science Volume 36 (4); page 443 - 472; 2008
Thorbjørnsen, Helge; Dahlen, Micael; Lange, Fredrik Tomorrow never dies: preadvertised sequels boost movie satisfaction and WOM International Journal of Advertising; 2019
Skard, Siv E. Rosendahl; Løvlie, Lavrans; Thorbjørnsen, Helge Dulting og tjenestedesign: Dulting for økt produktivitet gjennom kundereisen Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse (8); page 47 - 58; 2018
Ketelaar, Paul; Van'T Riet, Jonathan; Thorbjørnsen, Helge; Buijzen, Moniek Positive uncertainty: the benefit of the doubt in advertising International Journal of Advertising Volume 37 (2); page 256 - 269; 2018
Sjåstad, Hallgeir; Thorbjørnsen, Helge Når selvkontrollen svikter: Kan dulting bidra til varig atferdsendring? Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse (8); page 59 - 66; 2018
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