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Aksel Mjøs joined the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in his current position in 2010. Before joining NHH he was a researcher at Centre for Applied Research (SNF), 2006-2009. Mjøs holds a Master of Science degree from NHH and recieved his dr.oecon. in financial economics also from NHH in 2007. In addition, he has a Master of Science degree from London Business School, and is an Authorized Financial Analyst.

Before becoming an academic, Mjøs had a career in the financial services industry, being CEO of DnB Asset Management, Vice President in Morgan Stanley Investment Banking, London, as well as Company Secretary of Vital Insurance. Mjøs is currently member, former chair, of the board of the Kavli Trust, a charity-owned multinational food group. He was member of a commission which proposed revised legislation of foundations and chaired the Norwegian government’s Capital access commission. He is also the founder of Gi Gaven Videre, a non-profit provider of digital gift-cards that the recipient may allocate to a charity of her choice.

Mjøs' research focuses on corporate debt and financial institutions, including the relationship between banks and borrowing companies as well as entrepreneurial financing. His work has appeared in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis and the European Journal of Operational Research. He is also coordinating the executive programs in finance offered by NHH in cooperation with the Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Mjøs, Aksel The "Authorized Financial Anlyst" (AFA) Education Program 1988 - 2016 Finance in Society: An Anthology in Honour of Thore Johnsen; page 17 - 36; 2017
Hetland, Ove Rein; Mjøs, Aksel Bankmarkedet for norske bedriftskunder gjennom og etter finanskrisen Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse Volume 2014 (6); page 70 - 78; 2014
Mjøs, Aksel; Hetland, Ove Rein For mye eller for lite lån? : Betydningen av banker og kreditt i oppgangs- og nedgangstider Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse Volume 15 (6); page 52 - 61; 2012
Mjøs, Aksel; Persson, Svein-Arne Level-Dependent Annuities: Defaults of Multiple Degrees Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis Volume 45 (5); page 1311 - 1339; 2010
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Aksel Mjøs teaches Corporate Finance (FIE428) and Sustainable Finance (FIE459) at the master level at NHH. In addition, he teaches valuation in the Authorized Financial Analyst Program (AFA).