Department of Finance

Department of Finance

The department of finance has an international faculty, which does research in all major areas of finance and publishes regularly in the top academic journals.

We have weekly seminars with invited top scholars and a brown bag series for discussion of research ideas. The finance courses attract a large number of students and our faculty members are in high demand as experts in a variety of contexts.

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RECENT Publications

Authors Title Publication

Friewald, Nils; Nagler, Florian

Over-the-Counter Market Frictions and Yield Spread Changes

Journal of Finance; forthcoming

Lee, Kyeong Hun

Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions amid Political Uncertainty: A Bargaining Perspective

Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming

Pohl,Walt; Schmedders, Karl; Wilms, Ole

Higher-Order Effects in Asset-Pricing Models with Long-Run Risks

Journal of Finance, Volume 73 (3), page: 1061-111

Eckbo, B. Espen; Makaew, Tanakorn; Karin S. Thorburn

Are stock-financed takeovers opportunistic?

Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 128 (3), page 443-465

Lee, Kyeong Hun; Mauer, David C.; Xu, Qianying(Emma)

Human Capital Relatedness and Mergers and Acquisitions

Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 129, (1), page 111-135

Kim, Jaewoo;  Lee, Kyeong Hun; Lie, Erik

Dividend Stickiness, Debt Covenants, and Earnings Management

Contemporary Accounting Research, Volume 34(4), page 2022–2050

Kisser, Michael; Kiff, John; Soto, Mauricio

Do managers of U.S. defined benefit pension plan sponsors use regulatory freedom strategically?

Journal of Accounting Research, Volume 55, page 1213–1255

Santos, Francisco

IPO market timing with uncertain aftermarket retail demand

Journal of Corporate Finance, Volume 42, page 247-266.

Friewald, Nils; Jankowitsch, Rainer; Subrahmanyam, Marti G.

Transparency and Liquidity in the Structured Product Market.

Review of Asset Pricing Studies, Volume 7 (2), page 316-348.

Bakke, Einar; Leite, Tore; Thorburn, Karin S.

Partial Adjustment to Public Information in the Pricing of IPOs

Journal of Financial Intermediation, Volume 32, page 60-75