Job Market Candidates

Job Market Candidates

Below is the list of our current candidates on the job market. If you are an employer and require information about our job market candidates, please contact the PhD programme director, Svein-Arne Persson.

Jens Sørlie Kværner

Research interests: Asset Pricing, Household Finance, Macro-Finance, Macroeconomics 

Job market paper: How large are bequest motives? evidence from mortality shocks

References: Kjetil Storesletten, Samuli Knupfer, and Espen Henriksen

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Raffaele Giuliana

Research interests: Banking, Empirical and Theoretical Corporate Finance, International Finance, Market Microstructure

Job market paper: Impact of Bail-in on Banks’ Bond Yields and Market Discipline

References: Thorsten Beck, Barbara Casu, Michael Kisser, Marco Pagano and Karin Thorburn