Doctoral Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations

An overview of doctoral dissertations at the Department of Strategy and Management.

Available dissertations from the department can be found in NHH’s Open Institutional Repository, Brage

  • 2024


    • Katrine Berg Nødtvedt
      The role of identity in access-based consumtion
  • 2023


    • Christina Roe Steen
      Governing Knowledge Sharing and Transfer in MNCs by Organizational Mechanisms Enabling Social Interaction
    • Cassandra Lee F. Torgnes 
      Non-competes in the Norwegian Context
    • Yi Lin 
      Studies on interorganizational networks: The case of two regional clusters in Norway
    • Bård Fyhn
      Safe today, tomorrow, and together: A dynamic perspective on team psychological safety
    • Halldor Ørn Engilbertsson
      The Imbalanced Consumer: The effect of physical imbalance on brand recall and construal level
    • Christer André Flatøy: New insights into freelancers' and independent contractors' experiences


  • 2022


    • Marius Jones
      Shaped like a loop, fuelled by feelings: Organisational learning in start-ups
    • Magne S. Angelshaug
      Business Model Innovation: The Role of the Top Management’s Composition, Cognition, and Knowledge Sourcing Strategy
    • Elisabeth Andvik
      Mind the Gap: Building Bridges in lnterprofessional Teams
    • Tatevik Harutyunyan
      Alignment Between Firms and Board Directors: Implications for New Ventures
    • Julie S. Ågnes
      Collective Employee Narraatives and Responses to Subtractive Change
    • Kristin A. Ringvold
      Leading Business Model Innovation in Established Firms


  • 2021


    • Karen Sæbbø Osmundsen
      Digital Transformation In Incumbent Firms
    • Silje Rydland Skaar
      First-Line Managers as Change Agents in the Implementation of Planned Change


  • 2020


    • Abdallah Wumpini Issahaka
      Knowledge Workers’ Preferences for Leadership: Reimagining a Follower-Trait Perspective
    • Sujit Pandey
      Human Capital and New Firm Performance: Founders, Employees and Board Members
  • 2019


    • Kjersti Berg Danilova
      Leading Change Across the Organization
    • Heidi Buverud
      ERP system implementation: How top managers’ involvement in a change project matters
    • Nhat Quang Le
      Explaining communication effects on donation behavior: The roles of contractual relations and social information
    • Alexander Farestvedt Hem
      Beyond Uniqueness: Developing and Testing a New Typology of Brand Benefit Differentiation
    • Xinlu Qui
      Knowledge Transfer across Boundaries: Studies on the role of indviduals regarding knowledge transfer and innovation
    • Håvard Huse
      Predicting Credit Card Delinquency: A Fundamental Model of Cardholder Financial Behavior
  • 2018


    • Monica Rydland
      Middle Managers' Role as Change Agents - Variations in Approaches and their Contributions to the Progress of Change
  • 2017


    • Hallgeir Sjåstad
      «The psychology of prospection.Experimental studies on the nature of future-oriented thinking»
    • Synnøve Nesse
      When Leadership Matters More Than Leaders: Developing a Processual Perspective on Leadership during Organizational Crises
    • Natalie Truong
      "When my relationship partner fails me...". The role of consumer-product relationship in responses to functional failures
  • 2016


    • Seidali Kurtmollaiev 
      Service, Innovation, and Dynamic Capabilities: From Conceptualization to Explanation
    • Mads Nordmo
      «We care, and we mean it»: Psychological mechanisms influencing perceptions of sincerity in CSR communication
    • Berit Sund 
      Norwegian Leadership: A Culturally Congruent Approach
    • Hans Anton Stubberud
      Business Incubators and Entrepreneurial Performance: The Influence of Network Value and Absorptive Capacity
    • Søren Wenstøp 
      On the nature and sources of normativity: Normativity as grounded in affective human nature
    • Birgit Andrine Apenes Solem
      "The process of customer brand engagement in interactive contexts: Prerequisites, conceptual foundations, antecedents, and outcomes"
  • 2015


    • Jarle Bastesen
      Rapid-growth firms in Norway: Characteristics of growth factors in benign and adverse environments
    • Sinead O'Flanagan
      Learning to Lead: An Ethnographic Study of an Experiential Leadership Course
    • Ganesh Prasad Neupane
      Emergence of Supply Chain Risk Management Capability as an Aid to Value Creation: An Empirical Study of Handicrafts Manufacturers of Nepal
    • Njål Sivertstøl
      Online Communities for Customer Support: A Study of Participation and its antecedents
    • Trond Vegard Johannessen
      Data presentation formats and decision making effectiveness: An exploratory study
  • 2014


    • Nasun Moadmuang
      Transaction Cost Economics, Firm Power, and Negotiation Strategies: An Empirical Study of Buyer-Supplier Relationships in the Oil and Gas Industry
    • Aleksander Sivertsen
      Do We Really Like Things Better When They Are Easy To Imagine? An Exploration of How Consumers Interpret Simulation Fluency
    • Ann-Kristin Elstad
      Critical Success Factors When Implementing An Enterprise System - An Employee Perspective.
    • Irmelin Drake
      Mylder av stemmer eller flerstemt kor? En studie av subjektive oppfatninger om ledelse og ledelsesomgivelsene blant stakeholdere innad i et konsern
    • Eirik Sjåholm Knudsen
      Firms in Recessions
  • 2013


    • Ghulam Mustafa
      Causes and Consequences of Culturally Congruent Leadership: Theoretical and Empirical Insights
    • Bjørn Gunnar Hansen
      Problem solving in dairy farming
  • 2012


    • Roar Jakobsen
      Public sector service contracting. Transaction cost economics and institutional theory considerations
    • Therese Sverdrup
      The strength of reciprocity: Exploring the horizontal psychological contracts in work teams
  • 2011


    • Alexander Madsen Sandvik
      Leadership of knowledge workers
    • Mark Pasquine
      Now you see me, now you don't? Effects of choice set configuration in complex choice tasks
    • Dag Øyvind Madsen
      The impact of the Balanced Scorecard in Scandinavia: A comparative study of three national management fashion markets
    • Ove Oklevik
      Effects of and Antecedents to Brand Personality: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach
    • Wing Shing Lee
      The Impact of Emotional Variables on Trust: Why Individual Differences Matter
    • Bolann, Elin
      Transfer effects of place and brand partner associations in evaluation of place brand alliances:  An accessibility-diagnosticity perspective
    • Mykland, Solfrid
      En studie av mekleratferd i norske rettsmeklinger
    • Engeset, Marit Gundersen
      The Creative Consumer: Exploring consumer behavior from a creativity perspective
  • 2010


    • Aas, Tor Helge
      Toward a Management control System for Service Innovation Activities
    • Fjellvær, Hilde
      Dual and Unitary leadership: Managing ambiguity in pluralistic organizations
    • Kvitastein, Olav
      Three papers on evaluations: The "what if" in the evaluation of public programs
    • Skard, Siv
      Communication Effects in Sponsorships: An assessment of how different communication strategies can enhance incongruent sponsorships
    • Hope, Ole
      Essays on Middle Management Responses to Change Initiatives
  • 2009


    • Pran, Kristin Rogge
      COO Advertising of Export Products: Effects on Perceptions of Product-origin Typicality and Product Evaluation
    • Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes
      Making Sense of Sensitivity: Moral Sensitivity and Problem Formulation in Business
    • Peretz, Adrian
      Brand Personality and the Utilitarian Brand
  • 2008


    • Mæhle, Natalia
      In Search of the Sources of Brand Personality
    • Opstad, Birger
      Merkeutvidelser: Betydningen av kompleksitet innen utvidelseskategorien og informasjonstilgjengelighet på konsumentens vurdering
    • Lange, Birthe Kåfjord
      It's about Time. A Study of How Norwegian Managers Handle Time at Work
    • Lofquist, Eric Arne
      Measuring the Effects of Strategic Change on Safety in a High Reliability Organization
    • Nissestad, Odd Arne
      Leadership Development: An Empirical Study of Effectiveness of the Leadership Development Program at The Royal Norwegian Naval Academy and its Impact on Preparing Officers to execute Leadership in Today's Conflicts and the Conflicts in the Years Ahead
  • 2007


    • Denstadli, Jon Martin
      Information Processing and Predictive Validity in Conjoint Experiments: The Role of Task Complexity and Individual Level Factors
    • Sunde, Per Anders
      Governance and asset specifictiy as facilitators and sources of innovation and value creation
    • Jelstad, Beate
      Beyond money: Intrinsic work motivation in profit and nonprofit organizations
    • Johansen, Svein Tvedt
      Trust in Initial Encounters: A Motivational Cognitive Theory
    • Jakubanecs, Alexander
      Cultural Embeddedness of Products Scale: Theoretical development and empirical testing in the U.S. and Norway
    • Elvekrok, Ingunn
      Medvirkning - mer enn medvirkning. Effekter av ulike medvirkningsformer i strategiske endringsprosjekt.
  • 2006


    • Prebensen, Nina Katrine
      A grammar of motives for understanding individual tourist behaviour
    • Flygansvær, Bente Merete
      Coordinated Action in Reverse Distribution Systems
    • Ravndal, Bjarte
      Governance of IT Sourcing Relationships: An Empirical Investigation of the Influence of Contract Mechanisms on Contract Behavior
    • Hundsnes, Tore
      Organising Strategy: Continuity and Transformation of Corporate Structures. A complexity perspective
    • Gressgård, Leif Jarle
      Computer-mediated group interaction and innovativeness - investigating the effects of  communication properties, cognitive style, and idea generation attitudes on innovative thinking processes
  • 2005


    • Xie, Chuyan
      Trying to prosume: Toward a perspective on presumption
    • Svendsen, Mons Freng
      Governing international customer relationships. The influence of product differentiation, 
      customer market attractiveness, and relational capability
    • Pettersen, Inger Beate
      A multi-level perspective on exit intention in business relationships. What are the effects of specific investments in international business dyads in the seafood industry?
    • Hillestad, Tore
      Toppledelsens troverdighet ved kriser. En studie av legitimitetsprosesser ved Åsgard-overskridelsene og Åsta-ulykken
    • Bulukin, Kristijane Cook
      Lederlegitimitet - en eksplorativ studie
    • Birkeland, Gunnar
      Strategic Issue Diagnosis as a Cultural Process of Paradox and Unobtrusive Power
  • 2004


    • Samuelsen, Bendik Meling
      Contextual Priming and Attitude Change Processes: Advertising Context, Elaboration, and Attitude Strength
    • Heyerdahl, Torbjørn
      A New Gas World. Administration of Gas Trade in the North Sea
    • Haueng, Anne Cathrin
      Change Processes: Heading in the right direction? A Power Perspective on Progress Measurement
    • Aarstad, Jarle
      Social Capital as a Multilevel Phenomenon: A Cross-Level and Mixed-Determinant Network Study from the Emerging Micro-Power Field
    • Tobiassen, Anita Ellen
      Markedseksponering: Konsekvenser for samarbeid i interne kunde-leverandør-relasjoner
  • 2003


    • Thorbjørnsen, Helge
      Building brand relationships online: The role of interactivity, relationship motives and internet experience
    • Iversen, Nina M.
      Using Country Stereotypes to Build Brand Personalities: A Priming Perspective
    • Hammervoll, Trond
      Value creation in cooperative vertical relationships
    • Lien, Lasse
      The Survivor Principle Meets Corporate Diversification
    • Farstad, Eivind
      How to govern generic marketing organizations. With special focus on National Tourism Organizations (NTOs)
  • 2002


    • Sallis, James
      Relationship learning with key customers
    • Nyhus, Ellen Katrine
      Psychological Determinants of Household Saving Behavior
    • Wennes, Grete
      Skjønnheten og udyret: Kunsten å lede kunstorganisasjonen
    • Stensaker, Inger Grøgaard
      A Change in Plans. A Sensemaking Perspective on Strategy Implementation
  • 2001


    • Hem, Leif
      Merkeutvidelser. Effekter av trekk ved individ, objekt og kontekst på vurdering
    • Ness, Håvard
      Interorganizational Developmental Processes: Governance and Interaction in Continuous Negotiated Agreements
  • 2000


    • Døving, Erik
      Aquisition of Competences in the Workplace. Human Resource Development in Statoil
    • Elstad, Beate
      Generation of interpersonal skills: A study of informal learning among volunteers
    • Johnsen, Åge
      Performance Measurement in Local Government: Organisational Control in Political Institutions
    • Nysveen, Herbjørn
      Reklamens betydning for holdning til produktet. En sammenligning av produktinformasjon formidlet i ulike medier
    • Sørebø, Øystein
      Involvement and End-User Computing: An Empirical Investigation of the Influence of Involvement in the Context of End-User Computing
  • 1999


    • Biong, Harald
      Som Essays on Marketing Relationships and Relationship Marketing
    • Jenssen, Jan Inge
      Entrepreneurial Networks. A Study of the Impact of Social Networks and Resource Access on the Start-up of New Organizations
    • Lunnan, Randi
      Strategic flexibility and alliances
    • Schei, Vidar
      Forhandlinger i grupper: effekter av målorientering på resultat
    • Øgaard, Torvald
      The role of organization culture in service operation: Effects on customer satisfaction and employees' affective outcomes
  • 1998


    • Gjelsvik, Martin
      Employment relations: determinants and consequences
    • Jakobsen, Erik W.
      Finansiering og styring av fellesgodeprodusenter: Områdeorganisasjoner i reiselivsnæringen som empirisk arena
    • Kuvaas, Bård
      Strategic issue diagnosis: the roles of organizational scanning, information processing structure of top management teams, and managers' cognitive complexity
    • Sandvik, Kåre
      The effects of market orientation
    • Skalpe, Ole
      The economics of quality: an empirical study in the hotel industry
    • Supphellen, Magne
      The impact of anonymity in elicitation of brand associations: Theoretical and empirical developments
  • 1997


    • Altenborg, Ellen Elisabeth
      Inter-firm, inter-division, and within-division relations : An inquiry into the incentives of the contract and the transaction costs
    • Eikebrokk, Tom Roar
      Kommunikasjonsteknologier i organisasjoner : En empirisk studie av evaluering og bruk
    • Ladegård, Gro
      Forming strategic alliances: the role of social compatibility
    • Støle, Roald
      Kommersialiseringsprosessen for FoU-intensive produkter i et kontraktsteoretisk kontra nettverksteoretisk perspektiv: Illustrert ved caset Elkem Microsilica
    • Traavik, Laura E. Mercer
      Group negotiation:more people more problems?: examining dyadic and group negotiation
  • 1996


    • De Paoli, Donatella
      Projects as a reflection of the core group: the case of construction projects
    • Henjesand, Inge Jan
      Spørsmål og svar i spørreskjemaundersøkelser: eksperimenter i forbindelse med valg av: Ordlyd i spørsmålstilling, benevnelse på svarskala og rekkefølge på spørsmål
    • Hernes, Helge
      Social identifications and prosocial behavior among hospital employees
    • Meyer, Christine Benedichte
      The process of organisational integration in mergers and acquisitions
  • 1995


    • Benito, Gabriel R. G.
      Studies in the foreign direct investment and divestment behavior of Norwegian manufacturing companies
    • Breivik, Einar
      Evaluation differences between goods and services: The role of product intangibility
    • Buvik, Arnt
      Allocation of specific assets and vertical coordination in industrial purchasing relationships
    • Pedersen, Per Egil
      Connectionist models of financial diagnosis
    • Rokkan, Aksel Ivar
      Contractual norms in chain - vendor relations: Commitment of resources and fulfilment of promises as a problem of collective action
  • 1994


    • Abdul-Muhmin, Alhassan G.
      A process-tracing study of external information search in multiple item purchase decisions
    • Foss, Lene
      Entrepreneurship: The impact of human capital, a social network and business resources on start-up
    • Randøy, Trond
      The motives and determinants for foreign market servicing: A survey of Norwegian foreign direct investment
  • 1993


    • Pettersen, Inger Johanne
      Organisering og resultat: To sider av samme sak: en empirisk studie av gruppe-relasjoner i generelle intensivavdelinger ved norske sykehus
  • 1992


    • Busch, Tor
      Overføring av læring
    • Lines, Rune
      Environmental orientation of managers in two Norwegian industries: The construct and its antecedents
    • Nygaard, Arne
      An empirical analysis of performance in principal-agent relations
    • Rynning, Helge
      Commitment and ethical decision-making in the R&D process in pharmaceutical industry
  • 1991


    • Gretland, Bjørge
      Strategic mergers acquisitions: Value creation and the market for corporate control
  • 1990


    • Haukedal, Willy
      Environmental images: a study of managerial cognition in the context of strategy formulation
    • Kleppe, Ingeborg Astrid
      Teoretisk versus subjektiv beslutningsinnflytelse: En eksperimentell studie
    • Ulset, Svein
      Styringsmekanismer for forsknings- og utviklingsprosjekter: En empirisk studie av kontrakter og styringsmekanismer for IT-baserte FoU-prosjekter
  • 1989


    • Jakobsen, Ove
      En vitenskapsteoretisk analyse av markedsføringens utvikling som akademisk fag
    • Fuglseth, Anna Mette
      Beslutningsstøtte: metode for diagnose av lederes informasjons- og situasjonsoppfatninger
  • 1988


    • Karlsen, Jan Erik
      Myter og symbolsk ledelse i oljesektoren
    • Haugland, Sven A.
      Relasjonskontrakter i distribusjonskanaler: en empirisk studie av distribusjonskanaler for eksport av norsk oppdrettslaks
  • 1987


    • Greve, Arent
      Turnover and career mobility
  • 1986


    • Selnes, Fred
      Effekten av produktkunnskap på informasjonssøking