Doctoral Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations at the Department of Strategy and Management

Available dissertations from the department can be found in NHH’s Open Institutional Repository, Brage

  • Doctoral Dissertations 2015

    Doctoral Dissertations 2015

    • Jarle Bastesen
      Rapid-growth firms in Norway: Characteristics of growth factors in benign and adverse environments
    • Sinead O'Flanagan
      Learning to Lead: An Ethnographic Study of an Experiential Leadership Course
    • Ganesh Prasad Neupane
      Emergence of Supply Chain Risk Management Capability as an Aid to Value Creation: An Empirical Study of Handicrafts Manufacturers of Nepal
    • Njål Sivertstøl
      Online Communities for Customer Support: A Study of Participation and its antecedents
    • Trond Vegard Johannessen
      Data presentation formats and decision making effectiveness: An exploratory study
  • Doctoral Dissertations 2014

    Doctoral Dissertations 2014

    • Nasun Moadmuang
      Transaction Cost Economics, Firm Power, and Negotiation Strategies: An Empirical Study of Buyer-Supplier Relationships in the Oil and Gas Industry
    • Aleksander Sivertsen
      Do We Really Like Things Better When They Are Easy To Imagine? An Exploration of How Consumers Interpret Simulation Fluency
    • Ann-Kristin Elstad
      Critical Success Factors When Implementing An Enterprise System - An Employee Perspective.
    • Irmelin Drake
      Mylder av stemmer eller flerstemt kor? En studie av subjektive oppfatninger om ledelse og ledelsesomgivelsene blant stakeholdere innad i et konsern
    • Eirik Sjåholm Knudsen
      Firms in Recessions