Alexander Madsen Sandvik

Associate Professor Alexander Madsen Sandvik

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Strategy and Management
Organisation and Management Organizational Behaviour


Alexander Madsen Sandvik is a associate professor at the Department of Strategy and Management, NHH.  He holds a bachelor degree in computer science from Bergen University College, Master of Science degree from NHH, and obtained his PhD in Leadership of knowledge workers from the Department of Strategy and Management at NHH in 2011.

Alexander’s research interest is mainly in leadership and organizational behavior, including topics such as transformational leadership, servant leadership, motivation, creativity, knowledge work, culture, climate, work performance and organizational citizenship behavior.

Sandvik is part of the FOCUS (Future-Oriented Corporate Solutions) program and works on research projects in several of the FOCUS firms. At NHH, Alexander is responsible for the master level course: Methodology for master thesis. He is also involved in several of the NHHs Executive programs.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Sandvik, Alexander Madsen; Whiting, Steven; Larsen, Arne Seglem Hvordan "mission" motiverer ansatte til gode prestasjoner Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse (7); page 71 - 76; 2019
Sandvik, Alexander Madsen; Croucher, Richard; Gooderham, Paul N. Negotiation and the alignment of knowledge workers with organisational goals European Journal of International Management Volume 13 (1); page 69 - 87; 2018
Sandvik, Alexander Madsen; Selart, Marcus; Schei, Vidar; Martinsen, Øyvind L. Setting the Scene: Partners’ Leadership Behavior and Employees’ Perceptions of Work Performance in Professional Service Firms Journal of leadership & organizational studies; 2018
Sandvik, Alexander Madsen; Croucher, Richard; Espedal, Bjarne; Selart, Marcus Intellectual stimulation and team creative climate in a professional service firm Evidence-based HRM: a Global Forum for Empirical Scholarship Volume 6 (1); page 39 - 53; 2018
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