Frank Elter

Adjunct Associate Professor Frank Elter

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Strategy and Management
Digital Transformation Hub

Selected publications

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Gooderham, Paul N.; Pedersen, Torben; Sandvik, Alexander Madsen; Dasi, Ángels; Elter, Frank; Hildrum, Jarle Contextualizing AMO Explanations of Knowledge Sharing in MNEs: The Role of Organizational and National Culture MIR. Management International Review: journal of international business Volume 62; page 859 - 884; 2022
Gooderham, Paul N.; Elter, Frank; Pedersen, Torben; Sandvik, Alexander Madsen The Digital Challenge for Multinational Mobile Network Operators. More marginalization or rejuvenation? Journal of International Management Volume 28 (4) (14 pages); 2022
Elter, Frank; Gooderham, Paul N.; Stensaker, Inger G. Successful and Unsuccessful Radical Transformation of Multinational Mobile Telephony Companies: The Role of Institutional Context. The Multiple Dimensions of Institutional Complexity in International Business Research; page 339 - 362; 2021
Dasi, Ángels; Elter, Frank; Gooderham, Paul N.; Pedersen, Torben VUCA and the Future of the Global Mobile Telco Industry International business in a VUCA world : the changing role of states and firms; page 383 - 401; 2019
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