Admission MSc in Economics and Business Administration

Admission MSc in Economics and Business Administration

Admission is once a year and the study programme starts in August.

If you have a bachelor's degree in Norwegian issued by a Norwegian university or university college, you must apply through the Norwegian master's admission process instead. Read about the admission requirements of the Norwegian master's admission process and apply (information in Norwegian).

The following information concerns applicants with an international bachelor's degree (including Norwegian citizens).

Application deadline and application portal

Application deadline: 15 February

The application deadline for admission autumn 2017 is now passed. The application portal will open for applications for autumn 2018 on 1 November.

To apply, you need to log in to NHH's page in the Norwegian application portal, SøknadsWeb. You'll find the link below. If you are directed to a Norwegian language front page, but need English, please change the language settings on the landing page.

NB! We recommend you use a web browser other than Internet Explorer, as the application portal at times works poorly within this web browser. We also recommend that you use a different email address than Hotmail in your application, as emails from this address are not always delivered, or are categorised as junk email.

When you have logged in, click on International master's programmes and select Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration Autumn 2017. Then add the Master's programme specialisation of your choice. 

Six distinctive master's programmes taught in English are offered to international students and you may apply for all of them in order of priority. Priorities may be changed within the application deadline. 



Go to tHE APPLICATION portal to apply

 Admission requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree

    Admission to master’s degree studies in Norway requires Higher Education Entrance Qualification and a completed degree comparable to a Norwegian bachelor's degree. Please refer to NOKUT (The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) for information about the minimum educational requirements for your country.

    90 ECTS must be within economics and business administration. This may include methodological subjects like statistics or mathematics, but not exclusively. 30 ECTS must be within business administration (e.g. finance, accounting, strategy, marketing, statistics, mathematics, etc.). Economics courses such as micro- or macroeconomics may not count toward the business administration requirement. This requirement is absolute and cannot be compensated by work experience, test results or other criteria.

    Applicants are ranked according to their grade average. Your GPA should correspond approximately to a B on the ECTS grading scale. Admission is highly competitive with only one in eight applicants being offered admission. If you are to complete your degree in the spring semester of the admission year, admission will be assessed on results up to and including the penultimate semester. If you are offered conditional admission based on ongoing education and final transcripts result in an unacceptable decrease in grade point average, you will be refused unconditional admission.

  2. GMAT or GRE

    Applications not including a GMAT/GRE test by March 15 will under no circumstances be considered, unless you belong to one of the few groups exempted (see Exemptions from the GMAT-/GRE requirement below).

    Minimum test scores required:

    • GMAT: a total score of 600 points (Programme code: 7KZ-ZK-01)
    • GRE: 152 points on the quantitative reasoning section (Programme code: 0686)

    Test scores must be from within the last five years and only test scores issued to NHH directly from the issuing authority are accepted. 

  3. English language requirement

    Unless you belong to one of the groups exempted (see below), you must document a good command of the English language by passing one of the three tests below:

    • TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language (Programme code: 0686) Minimum total score: 90 points on the internet based test, 575 points on the written test or 233 on the computer-based test
    • IELTS Academic – International English Language Testing System
      Minimum overall band score: 6,5
    • PTE Academic - The Pearson's Test of English. Minimum score: 62

     There is no minimum score requirement for the TOEIC; the test result will be subject to an individual assessment.

    Test scores must be from within the last two years and only test scores issued to NHH directly from the issuing authority are accepted.

    • Exemptions from the English language requirement

      Exemptions from the English language requirement

      If you satisfy one of the following criteria, you are exempted from the TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC requirement (please note that other exemptions will not be given):

      • You have completed upper secondary school in Norway and hold a Higher Education Entrance Qualification (GSK – generell studiekompetanse)
      • Your native language is English.
      • You have at least two years of higher education where the sole language of instruction was English.
      • You are a citizen of a country that is a member of the EU/EEA and/or the Council of Europe/UNESCO-Cepes, and you have had English as your first foreign language taken over a period of at least 7 years in primary, secondary and upper secondary school.

      If you do not satisfy any of the criteria above, you are obliged to pass either the TOEFL, the IELTS, the PTE Academic or the TOEIC test in order to be a qualified applicant.

  4. Curriculum vitae (résumé)

    You must submit a copy of your curriculum vitae/résumé. The CV/résumé should contain information about previous studies, work experience, extracurricular activities, languages spoken and other experiences you wish to bring to the attention of the admission committee. 

  5. Documentation of financial ability
    All citizens outside the EU/EEA-area and Switzerland must document financial ability. Read about how to document financial ability here.
  6. Documentation of identity

    In order to confirm your identity, you must upload:

    • a copy of your passport/ID card
    • a copy of your diploma/transcript from secondary school (in the original language)

Please note that you may be asked to upload a certified English translation of your diploma/transcript at a later stage in the application process, if the document is issued in a language other than English or a Scandinavian language. If you already have a certified translation of the document into English, we encourage you to upload this with the original. Please contact if you have questions concerning this requirement.

Are you a former exchange student?

Please note that if you have formerly been on exchange to NHH and taken master level courses that have been recognized as part of your bachelor's degree, you will not be able to use those courses as part of a full-degree master's programme at NHH.

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