Housing and residence permit

Housing and residence permit

Before arrival, incoming students should apply for housing, and if applicable, for a residence permit for studies. The details needed to apply are distributed to all incoming students in April.


As an international student admitted to one of our English language programmes, housing is of paramount importance. In order to provide you with accurate information and expectations, we need to distinguish between international students admitted to our BSc in Business, Economics and Data Science and those admitted to our MSc in Economics and Business Administration.

Bachelor in Business, Economics, and Data Science programme students (BSc):

Only students who applied or have applied through Søknadsweb, which applies to all international students with a non-Nordic degree, are guaranteed housing through Sammen, the student welfare organization in Bergen.

Students who applied or have applied through Samordna Opptak (holders of a Nordic degree) will not be guaranteed housing.

Master in Economics and Business Administration students (MSc):

You are guaranteed housing through Sammen, the student welfare organization in Bergen. Please note that housing guarantees do not extend to Norwegian citizens due to capacity constraints.

How to apply 

We will distribute application guidelines to all incoming students ahead of the application deadline 10 May. You cannot apply until you have received this.    

Receiving the housing contract 

In the weeks after 10 May, Sammen will allocate housing and send you a housing contract. 

Planning your arrival time 

When planning your travel, please note that if you arrive outside of Sammen’s office hours, you will not be able to pick up your key, and must make sure to arrange for alternative accommodation on your first night in Bergen. 

Alternative accommodation 

If you prefer to look for private accommodation, you may search for this at www.finn.no (the web site is in Norwegian). 


EU/EEA/Swiss citizens 

You do not have to apply for a residence permit, but must register with the police after arrival. 

If you are a Nordic citizen you do not have to register, but should report your move to the National Registry 

Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens 

Before arrival, you must apply for a residence permit for studies in order to be allowed to stay and study in Norway. 

Norwegian residence permits are issued by theNorwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI). The full details on how to apply is found on their website, and inquiries concerning regulations and application process should be addressed to them 

NHH will provide you with the acceptance letter and practical information. You should wait to start your application process until you have received this.

Admission to a second master’s degree in Norway for non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals 

If you have completed a master’s degree in Norway before being admitted to NHH, UDI will only grant you a residence permit if the new study programme can be deemed a continuation of the previous master’ s degree.


Please be aware that as a main rule, a new master’s is NOT deemed a continuation by UDI. UDI will only grant renewal of residence permit as an exception, and require that you can document the following: 

  • Admission to the new study programme 

  • Completion of your previous study programme, without too much delay 

  • Statement that the new study programme can be deemed to be a continuation of previous studies, and increase the chances of being accepted to a doctoral degree programme (or work as a researcher) 

Please note that our faculty can only issue such a statement if they consider the new study programme to be a continuation. They are not obliged to issue a statement. You may contact us at admission@nhh.no if this applies to you. Include relevant information about your previous study programme and future plans. 

Bringing family on a residence permit for studies 

If you plan to bring family, make sure to check carefully all requirements directly with UDI. Note that the housing guarantee provided by Sammen does not guarantee family housing.