Marketing and Brand Management

Innovating, building and managing strong brands is key to gaining competitive advantage and long-term profitability for products, services, companies and organisations.

The Marketing and Brand Management major provides students with in-depth and research-based knowledge on marketing, consumer behaviour, innovation and brand management.

Understanding consumer and competitor behaviour is essential to every business and organization. Customer and competitor insights provide the basis for developing sound strategies as well as optimal market positioning and effective marketing tactics.

About the programme

ECTS Credits
MSc in Economics and Business Administration
  • Subject areas

    Subject areas

    Key areas covered in the master's programme are consumer and competitor analysis, marketing research, brand strategy and marketing mix decisions (marketing communication, pricing, distribution and product development).

    The major integrates theory and practical applications from strategy and marketing to assist students in developing strong brands and making future market decisions.

    Central questions raised are:

    • How to adapt products, communication and distribution systems to customer needs - and behaviour?
    • How to position a brand effectively in a competitive market?


  • Learning outcome

    Learning outcome

    Upon completion of the MBM major, the candidates...


    K1: have developed solid competence in empirical methods and ethics relevant for marketing and brand management decisions

    K2: have an in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of relevant theories and empirics within the marketing and brand management domain

    K3: have professional insight at a high international level within the marketing and brand management domain


    S1: be capable of updating themselves and applying new knowledge within marketing, brand management and related fields throughout their career

    S2: have developed good analytical skills relevant for marketing and brand management decisions

    S3: have learned to work independently with advanced marketing and brand management problems, as well as related problems at a company and/or society level

    General competence

    G1: be able to communicate with both specialists and non-specialists about marketing and brand management issues

    G2: have acquired a knowledge of and the ability to reflect upon and take into consideration ethical and social responsibility issues related to marketing and brand management phenomena

    G3: be able to contribute to innovation and entrepreneurship within the marketing and brand management field, as well as for the company or society as a whole

  • Recommended course combinations

    Recommended course combinations

    Brand management

    • MBM401B Consumer Behavior
    • MBM402B Brand Equity
    • MBM400A Research for Brand Decisions
    • STR402A Methodology for Master Thesis
    • STR404 Strategic Analysis
    • MBM420 Brand Strategy
    • MBM422 The Collaborative Economy
    • MBM424 Marketing Communication Effectiveness
    • MBM432 Sustainable Marketing
    • INB423 International Marketing

    Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    • MBM401B Consumer Behavior
    • MBM402B Brand Equity
    • MBM400A Research for Brand Decisions
    • STR402A Methodology for Master Thesis
    • MBM428 Product Development and Design
    • MBM429 Service Innovation
    • MBM 420 Brand Strategy
    • MBM422 The Collaborative Economy
    • MBM430 Global Business Venturing
    • NBD410 Corporate Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age
    • MBM 431 Commercialization of Innovations
    • NBD413 Technology and Consumer Psychology
    • MBM432 Sustainable Marketing  

    Marketing Research for B2B and B2C markets

    • MBM401B Consumer Behavior
    • MBM402B Brand Equity
    • MBM400A Research for Brand Decisions
    • STR402A Methodology for Master Thesis
    • MBM420 Brand Strategy
    • MBM427 Business-to-business Marketing and Management
    • ECN402 Econometrics
    • BUS449 Multivariate Analysis
    • BUS455 Applied Programming and Data Analysis for Business
    • MBM424 Marketing Communication Effectiveness
  • Research distinction courses

    Research distinction courses

    Are you curious about taking a PhD or interested in more research-oriented work both at NHH and later in your career, find out more about the Research Distinction track within the master's programme.

    Read more about Research distinction

  • Ethics courses

    Ethics courses

    Ethics courses available in the MBM major:

    • ECN421 Behavioral Economics
    • ETI450 Corporate Social Responsibility

    Remember that the ethics course can also be a part of your elective courses.

    See list of all ethics courses

  • International opportunities

    International opportunities

    As an NHH student you have excellent opportunities to gain valuable international experience during your studies through exchange programmes, the CEMS Master's in International Management (MIM) joint degree and summer courses.


  • Career


    The MBM major will suit students who want to work in management consulting firms, larger organizations or governmental agencies. It will also appeal to those who foresee a career in the marketing department of private companies or organizations, including positions such as product manager, brand manager, marketing analytic or head of marketing.

    Finally, the MBM profile is highly relevant for any kind of entrepreneurial activity.

    Read more about career opportunities for NHH graduates