Jan Ingvald Meidell Haaland

Professor Jan I. Haaland

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International Business International Economics Trade policy Globalisation and integration


Jan I. Haaland received his Dr.Oecon. degree from NHH in 1984. He became associate professor at NHH in 1985, and full professor in 1994.

Haaland’s main research areas are international trade, trade policy and global and regional economic integration. He has been research fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in London since 1992.  He was research director at the Centre for International Economics and Shipping (SIØS) at NHH in the mid-1990s, and Head of the Department of Economics 1999-2001.

He has participated in numerous international research collaborations. He has published in journals like Journal of International Economics, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Review of International Economics, as well as in a number of international books.

Haaland was Rector at NHH in the period 2005-2013, and President of the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (UHR) 2009-2013. In the same period, he was the Norwegian member in the council of European University Association (EUA). In 2013-2014 he was a visiting academic at the University of Oxford.  Over the years Haaland has held many positions at NHH and in national and international networks.

Haaland served as Dean of the master programmes at NHH 2015-2017, and is presently CEMS Academic Director at NHH.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Haaland, Jan Ingvald Meidell; Venables, Anthony J. Optimal trade policy with monopolistic competition and heterogeneous firms Journal of International Economics Volume 102; page 85 - 95; 2016
Haaland, Jan Ingvald Meidell; Kind, Hans Jarle R&D policies, trade and process innovation Journal of International Economics Volume 74 (1); page 170 - 187; 2008
Haaland, Jan I.; Wooton, Ian Domestic Labour Markets and Foreign Direct Investment Review of International Economics Volume 15 (3); page 462 - 480; 2007
Haaland, Jan I.; Kind, Hans Jarle Cooperataive and Non-Cooperative R&D Policy in an Economic Union Review of World Economics Volume 142 (4); page 720 - 745; 2006
Barba Navaretti, Giorgio; Venables, Anthony J.; Barry, Frank; Ekholm, Karolina; Falzoni, Anna; Haaland, Jan I.; Midelfart, Karen Helene; Turrini, Alessandro Multinational Firms in the World Economy 2004
Haaland, Jan I.; Wooton, Ian; Faggio, Giulia Multinational Firms: Easy Come, Easy Go? FinanzArchiv / Public Finance Analysis (FA) Volume 59 (1); page 3 - 26; 2003
Haaland, Jan I.; Forslid, Rikard; Knarvik, Karen H. Midelfart A U-shaped Europe? A simulation study of industrial location Journal of International Economics Volume 57 (2); page 273 - 297; 2002
Haaland, Jan I.; Wooton, Ian International competition for multinational investment The Scandinavian Journal of Economics Volume 101 (4); page 631 - 649; 1999
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International economics, Globalisation and integration



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