Department of Economics

Department of Economics

How are economic decisions made, and what are the consequences of these decisions? How should competing firms make pricing and investment decisions?

By addressing these questions the Department of economics aims to understand major global challenges such as climate change, economic instability and growth, economic development and national and global welfare and inequality.

The Department is built around a number of internationally renowned research groups in a wide range of fields, providing high quality research and teaching in economics. 

The faculty members constitute an enthusiastic group of women and men who delivers important contributions, both to the international research community, the government, and the public debate.

Research news

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Latest publications

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Manudeep Bhuller, Gordon B. Dahl, Katrine V. Løken and Magne Mogstad:

"Domestic Violence Reports and the Mental Health and Well-being of Victims and Their Children"

The Journal of Human Resources

Yves Breitmoser and Justin Valasek:

"Strategic Communication in Committees with Expressive Payoffs"

The RAND Journal of Economics

Fanny Landaud, Éric Maurin, Barton Willage and Alexander L. P. Willén:

"The Value of a High School GPA"

The Review of Economics and Statistics

Charlotte B. Evensen, Frode Steen and Simen A. Ulsaker:

"Co-Location, Good Bad, or Both: How do New Entries of Discount Variety Stores Affect Local Grocery Business?"

Journal of the European Economic Association

Maurice Kugler, Mariana Viollaz, Daniel Duque, Isis Gaddis, David Newhouse, Amparo Palacios-Lopez and Michael Weber:

"How Did the COVID-19 Crisis Affect Different Types of Workers in the Developing World?"

World Development

Working papers

Authors Title Publication

Sara Abrahamsson:

"Smartphone Bans, Student Outcomes and Mental Health"


Samuel Dodini, Anna Stansbury and Alexander Willén:

"How Do Firms Respond to Unions?"


Samuel Dodini, Alexander Willén and Julia Li Zhu:

"The Role of Labor Unions in Immigrant Integration"


Wilfried Pauwels and Fred Schroyen:

"The Legal Incidence of Ad Valorem Taxes Matters"