Historic Placement

Historic Placement

The Department of Economics produces candidates for the national and global research community, industry and government.

The Department of Economics present the following placement record.

Placement Officer

  • Placement 2023-2024

    Placement 2023-2024

    Candidate: Julia Li Zhu
    Placement: Tenure Track Assistant Professor, San Diego State University

    Candidate: Samuel N. Dodini
    Placement: Senior Research Economist, Dallas Federal Reserve Bank

    Candidate: Alina Ozhegova
    Placement: Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Aalto University

    Candidate: Daniel Carvajal
    Placement: Postdoctoral Researcher, Aalto University

    Candidate: Akshay A. Moorthy
    Placement: Postdoctoral Fellow, Université de Lausanne

    Candidate: Eirik Berger Abel
    Placement: Researcher, Statistics Norway (SSB)

    Candidate: Monica Beeder
    Placement: Lecturer, University of Southampton

  • Placement 2022-2023

    Placement 2022-2023

    Candidate: Oda Kristine Storstad Sund
    Placement: Postdoctoral Researcher, CREED, University of Amsterdam

    Candidate: Sara Abrahamsson
    Placement: Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre for Fertility and Health (CeFH), Norwegian Institute of Public Health

    Candidate: Kjetil Røiseland Madland
    Placement: Analyst, The Norwegian Tax Administration

    Candidate: René Karadakic
    Placement: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Health Policy and Management, Harvard T. H Chan School of Public Health

    Candidate: Alessandro Pizzigolotto
    Placement: University of Copenhagen

    Candidate: Pablo Soto Mota
    Placement: Assistant Professor, El Colegio de México

  • Placement 2021-2022

    Placement 2021-2022

    Candidate: Fanny Landaud
    Placement: Postdoctoral Researcher, INSEAD

    Candidate: Laura Khoury
    Placement: Assistant Progessor (tenure track), University Paris Dauphine-PSL

    Candidate: Oda Sund
    Placement: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Amsterdam

  • Placement 2020-2021

    Placement 2020-2021

    Candidate: Mirjam Wentzel
    Placement: Researcher, Institute for Social Research (ISF)

    Candidate: Antonio Dalla Zuanna
    Placement: Research Fellow, Bank of Italy

    Candidate: Patrick Bennett
    Placement: Assistant professor, University of Liverpool

    Candidate: Charlotte Evensen
    Placement: Economist, Oslo Economics

    Candidate: Thor Andreas Aursland
    Placement: Researcher, SSB

    Candidate: Fehime Ceren Ay
    Placement: Researcher, Telenor Research

    Candidate: Stefan Meissner
    Placement: Analyst, Factworks GmbH

    Candidate: Sandra Halvorsen
    Placement:  Senior advisor, Kirkens Nødhjelp/Norwegian Church Aid

    Candidate: Ole-Andreas Elvik Næss
    Placement: Post-doc, Centre for Applied Research (SNF)

    Candidate: Lassi Ahlvik
    Placement: Associate Professor, University of Helsinki

    Candidate: Timothy Wyndham
    Placement: Teacher of Economics and Business at King Edward's School

  • Placement 2019-2020

    Placement 2019-2020

    Candidate: Ranveig Falch
    Placement: Post-doc, NHH

    Candidate: Xiaogeng Xu
    Placement:  Post-doc researcher, Hanken School of Economics

    Candidate: Yuanhao “Jack” Li
    Placement: Data Scientist, Mowi ASA

    Candidate:  Po Yin Wong
    Placement: Economist, Research Department (Economic Research), Hong Kong Monetary Authority

    Candidate: Ingar Kyrkjebø Haaland
    Placement: University of Bergen

    Candidate: Erling Risa
    Placement: Senior risk analyst, Sparebanken Vest

  • Placement 2018-2019

    Placement 2018-2019

    Candidate: Charlotte Ringdal
    Placement: University of Amsterdam

    Candidate: Oddmund Berg
    Placement: Statistics Norway (SSB)

    Candidate: Serhat Ugurlu
    Placement: Oxera Consulting LLP

    Candidate: Luca Picariello
    Placement: University of Naples Federico II

    Candidate: Ingrid Hoem Sjursen
    Placement: Centre for Applied Research (SNF)

    Candidate: Øivind Schøyen
    Placement: Hitotsubashi University