The Centre for Business Economics (CBE) is a research group who combines elements from economics, strategy, marketing and management science, focusing on the functioning of firms, markets and organisations. The research in CBE is relevant for firms’ decisions and strategy as well as policy.

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Sæthre, M., Reme, B. and Røhr, H. 2021, Inattention in Contract Markets: Evidence from a Consolidation of Options in Telecom. Management Science.

Arve, M. and O. Chiappinelli, 2021, The Role of Budget Constraints in Sequential Elimination Tournaments. Scandinavian Journal of Economics

Foros, Ø., M. Nguyen-Ones and F. Steen. 2020. The Effects of a Day off from Retail Price Competition: Evidence on Consumer Behavior and Firm Performance in Gasoline Retailing. International Journal of the Economics of Business.

Foros, Ø. and M. Nguyen-Ones. 2020. Coordinate to obfuscate? The role of prior announcements of recommended prices. Economics Letters.

Watson, Joel, David A. Miller, and Trond E. Olsen. 2020. Relational Contracting, Negotiation, and External Enforcement. American Economic Review, 110 (7): 2153-2197.

Nilsen, Ø.A., A. Raknerud and D.-C. Iancu, 2020, 
Public R&D support and firm performance: A multivariate dose-response analysis
Research Policy, 49(7).

Brekke, K.R., T.H. Holmås, K. Monstad and O. Rune, 2020, 
How does the type of remuneration affect physician behavior?  
American Journal of Health Economics, 6(1).

Gravelle, H. and F. Schroyen, 2020, 
Optimal hospital payment rules under rationing by waiting  
Journal of Health Economics
, 70.

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