Malin Arve


Malin Arve is a Professor at NHH. She received her PhD in Economics from the Toulouse School of Economics in 2011. Before joining NHH, she worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Mannheim.

Her research interests include microeconomics, contract and incentive theory, public procurement and investment. She has published in American Economic ReviewJournal of Public Economics and Journal of Public Economic Theory.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Arve, Malin; Desrieux, Claudine Committee Preferences and Information Acquisition Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade; page 1 - 18; 2023
Arve, Malin; Zwart, Gijsbert Optimal Procurement and Investment in New Technologies under Uncertainty Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control Volume 147; 2023
Lundberg, Sofia; Arve, Malin; Bergman, Mats A.; Henriksson, Lars Konjunkturrådets rapport 2022: Offentlig upphandling – i gränslandet mellan ekonomi och juridik SNS förlag; 2022
Arve, Malin; Desrieux, Claudine; Espinosa, Romain Entrepreneurial intention and resilience: An experiment during the Covid-19 lockdown Managerial and Decision Economics (MDE) (18 pages); 2022
Arve, Malin; Honryo, Takakazu Wasteful procedures? Journal of Economics and Business Volume 122; 2022
Arve, Malin; Foros, Øystein; Kind, Hans Jarle Access price structure and entrant build-or-buy incentives in mobile markets Journal of Regulatory Economics Volume 61; page 67 - 87; 2022
Arve, Malin; Garcia Pires, Armando Jose; Skjeret, Frode Andre Bidding Competition in the Norwegian Market for Road Maintenance Journal of Transport Economics and Policy Volume 56 (4); page 464 - 487; 2022
Arve, Malin; Serena, Marco Level-k Models and Overspending in Contests Games Volume 13 (3); 2022
Arve, Malin; Chiappinelli, Olga The Role of Budget Constraints in Sequential Elimination Tournaments The Scandinavian Journal of Economics Volume 123 (4); page 1059 - 1087; 2021
Arve, Malin Plattformøkonomi og finans. En økonomisk analyse av Vipps’ suksess og noen framtidige utfordringer Magma forskning og viten Volume 22 (8); page 80 - 86; 2019
Arve, Malin Long-Term Contracts, Irreversibility and Uncertainty Journal of Public Economic Theory Volume 18 (5); page 764 - 785; 2016
Arve, Malin; Martimort, David Dynamic Procurement under Uncertainty: Optimal Design and Implications for Incomplete Contracts The American Economic Review Volume 106 (11); page 3238 - 3274; 2016
Arve, Malin Procurement and predation: Dynamic sourcing from financially constrained suppliers Journal of Public Economics Volume 120; page 157 - 168; 2014
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