Department of Business and Management Science

Department of Business and Management Science

Research at the Department aims to understand and improve management practice using analytical methods.

We study decision making, governance and efficiency in organisations from a managerial perspective, as well as from the perspective of institutions and investors. Faculty members have backgrounds from economics, finance, operations research, mathematics and statistics, and have a firm focus on publishing research in high quality international journals.

The objective of the department is to benefit the business community and society at large through excellence in research, teaching and contributions to the public debate. Faculty members often appear in the media, they are heavily involved in contract research at the SNF Centre for Applied Research at NHH and they contribute to management training through NHH Executive.

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Recent Publications

Authors Title Publication

Kvaløy, Ola
Olsen, Trond E.

Relational Contracts, Multiple Agents, and Correlated Outputs

Management Science, Online 14.05.2019

Møen, Jarle
Schindler, Dirk
Schjelderup, Guttorm
Bakke, Julia Tropina

International Debt Shifting: The Value-Maximizing Mix of Internal and External Debt

International Journal of the Economics of Business, Online 03.05.2019

Ådland, Roar Os
Cariou, Pierre
Wolff, Francois-Charles

When energy efficiency is secondary: The case of Offshore Support Vessels

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2019, 72, 114-126, Online 02.05.2019

Osicka, Ondrej
Guajardo, Mario
Jörnsten, Kurt

Cooperation of customers in traveling salesman problems with profits

Optimization Letters, Online 24.04.2019

Koethenbuerger, Marko
Mardan, Mohammed
Stimmelmayr, Michael

Profit shifting and investment effects: The implications of zero-taxable profits

Journal of Public Economics, 2019, 173, 96-112, Online 23.03.2019

Di Nunno, Giulia
Fiacco, Andrea
Karlsen, Erik Hove

On the approximation of Lévy driven Volterra processes and their integrals

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 2019, 476(1), 120-148, Online 19.02.2019

Goez, Julio C.
Anjos, Miguel F.

Second-Order Cone Optimization Formulations for Service System Design Problems with Congestion

Modeling and Optimization: Theory and Applications,
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & statistics, 2019, 279, 97-120, Online 15.02.2019

Døskeland, Trond M.
Pedersen, Lars Jacob Tynes

Does Wealth Matter for Responsible Investment? Experimental Evidence on the Weighing of Financial and Moral Arguments

Business and Society, Online 07.02.2019

Ådland, Roar Os
Cariou, Pierre
Wolff, François-Charles

Comparing Transaction-based and Expert-generated Price Indices in the Market for Offshore Support Vessels

Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 2019, 53(1), 99-118, Online 01.01.2019

Ådland, Roar Os
Köhn, Sebastian

Semiparametric Valuation of Heterogeneous Assets

In Asset Intelligence through Integration and Interoperability and Contemporary Vibration Engineering Technologies, Springer 2019, Chapter 3, 23-30, Online 12.11.2018

Møen, Jarle

Corporate returns to subsidised R&D projects: direct grants vs. tax credit financing

International Journal of Technology Management, 2019, 79(1), 84-101, Online 22.10.2018

Recent Chronicles and debates

Authors Title Publication

Olden, Andreas

Vi handler mer usunt i selvbetjente kasser

Dagens Næringsliv 08.03.2019

Bjerksund, Petter
Schjelderup, Guttorm

Høyesterett bryter Grunnloven

Dagens Næringsliv 06.03.2019

Eskeland, Gunnar S.
Linnerud, Kristin

Ventepremie å hente i vind

Dagens Næringsliv 01.03.2019

Foros, Øystein
Kind, Hans J.

Sprekker Grandes ballong?

Klassekampen 06.02.2019

Eskeland, Gunnar S.

Hvordan torpedere norsk forskning

Morgenbladet 01.02.2019

Arve, Malin

Permanent pengebruk på tynt grunnlag

Dagens Næringsliv 29.01.2019