Department of Business and Management Science

Department of Business and Management Science

Research at the Department aims to understand and improve management practice using analytical methods.

We study decision making, governance and efficiency in organisations from a managerial perspective, as well as from the perspective of institutions and investors. Faculty members have backgrounds from economics, finance, operations research, mathematics and statistics, and have a firm focus on publishing research in high quality international journals.

The objective of the department is to benefit the business community and society at large through excellence in research, teaching and contributions to the public debate. Faculty members often appear in the media, they are heavily involved in contract research at the SNF Centre for Applied Research at NHH and they contribute to management training through NHH Executive.

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Recent Publications

Authors Title Publication

Nguyen, Gam Thi Hong
Ruzaeva, Daria
Goez, Julio C.
Guajardo, Mario

Insights on the introduction of autonomous vessels to liner shipping networks

Journal of Shipping and Trade, 2022, 7, 12, Online 19.05.2022

Arve, Malin
Honryo, Takakazu

Wasteful procedures?

Journal of Economics and Business, Online 18.05.2022

Bjerksund, Petter
Schjelderup, Guttorm

Investors utbyttebeslutning og formuesskatt

Samfunnsøkonomen, 2022, 136(2), 27-34

Berentsen, Geir Drage
Bulla, Jan
Maruotti, Antonello
Støve, Bård

Modelling clusters of corporate defaults: Regime-switching models significantly reduce the contagion source

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C (Applied Statistics), Online 03.04.2022

Dorodnitsyn, Vladimir A.
Kaptsov, Evgeniy I.
Kozlov, Roman
Meleshko, Sergey V.
Mukdasanit, Potcharapol

Plane one-dimensional MHD flows: Symmetries and conservation laws

International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 2022, 140, 103899, Online 13.01.2022

Otneim, Håkon
Berentsen, Geir Drage
Tjøstheim, Dag

Local Lead–Lag Relationships and Nonlinear Granger Causality: An Empirical Analysis

Entropy, 2022, 24(3), 378, Online 08.03.2022

Gaeta, Giuseppe
Kozlov, Roman
Spadaro, Francesco

Asymptotic symmetry and asymptotic solutions to Ito stochastic differential equations

Mathematics in Engineering, 2022, 4(5), 1-52, Online 08.10.2021

Mauritzen, Johannes
Sucarrat, Genaro

Increasing Or Diversifying Risk? Tail Correlations, Transmission Flows And Prices Across Wind Power Areas

Energy Journal, 2022, 43(3), Online 2021

Mauritzen, Johannes

The Covid-19 shock on a low-carbon grid: Evidence from the nordics

Energy Policy, 2021, 156, 112416, Online 15.06.2021

Recent Feature articles and opinion pieces

Authors Title Publication

Foros, Øystein
Hjelmeng, Erling J.

Ikke bare juridisk uholdbart, men også en bortforklaring

Dagens Næringsliv 19.05.2022

Eskeland, Gunnar S.

Sokkelen skal ryddes – vi må følge godt med så vi ikke overbetaler og går glipp av muligheter

Dagens Næringsliv 28.04.2022

Eskeland, Gunnar S.

Det er bakstreversk å ønske seg kunstig billig energi i Norge

Dagens Næringsliv 03.04.2022

Bøhren, Øyvind
Gjærum, Per Ivar

Kabler, klima og Glasgow

Klassekampen 23.03.2022