Department of Business and Management Science

Department of Business and Management Science

Research at the Department aims to understand and improve management practice using analytical methods.

We study decision making, governance and efficiency in organisations from a managerial perspective, as well as from the perspective of institutions and investors. Faculty members have backgrounds from economics, finance, operations research, mathematics and statistics, and have a firm focus on publishing research in high quality international journals.

The objective of the department is to benefit the business community and society at large through excellence in research, teaching and contributions to the public debate. Faculty members often appear in the media, they are heavily involved in contract research at the SNF Centre for Applied Research at NHH and they contribute to management training through NHH Executive.

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Recent Publications

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Skatt og digitale selskaper

Praktisk økonomi & finans, 2020, 36(4), 366-378, Online 18.11.2020

Lindstad, Elizabeth
Eskeland, Gunnar S.
Rialland, Agathe
Valland, Anders

Decarbonizing Maritime Transport: The Importance of Engine Technology and Regulations for LNG to Serve as a Transition Fuel

Sustainability, 2020, 12(21), 8793, Online 22.10.2020

Papavasiliou, Anthony
Bjørndal, Mette
Doorman, Gerard L.
Stevens, Nicolas

Hierarchical Balancing in Zonal Markets

International Conference on the European Energy Market, Online 13.10.2020

Peng, Wen Hao
Ådland, Roar Os
Yip, Tsz Leung

Investor domicile and second-hand ship sale prices

Maritime Policy & Management, Online 27.10.2020

Greene, Suzanne
Jia, Haiying
Rubio-Domingo, Gabriela

Well-to-tank carbon emissions from crude oil maritime transportation

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2020, 88, 102587, Online 14.10.2020

Edwards, Alexander
Todtenhaupt, Maximilian

Capital gains taxation and funding for start-ups

Journal of Financial Economics, Online 20.06.2020

Todtenhaupt, Maximilian
Voget, Johannes
Feld, Lars P.
Ruf, Martin
Schreiber, Ulrich

Taxing away M&A: Capital gains taxation and acquisition activity

European Economic Review, Online 23.06.2020

Ekerhovd, Nils-Arne
Flåm, Sjur Didrik
Steinshamn, Stein Ivar

On shared use of renewable stocks

European Journal of Operational Research, Online 03.09.2020

Jia, Haiying
Lam, Jasmine Siu Lee
Tran, Nguyen Khoi

Spatial variation of travel time uncertainty in container shipping

Transportation Research Procedia, 2020, 48, 1740-1749, Online 15.09.2020

Ådland, Roar Os
Aarheim, Georg Martin Steen
Holseter, Ole Morten

Baltic Exchange index changes and FFA hedging efficiency

Transportation Research Procedia, 2020, 48, 107-122, Online 15.09.2020

Recent Chronicles and debates

Authors Title Publication

Bjerksund, Petter

Hva har Ap tenkt å gjøre med aksjeskatten?

Dagens Næringsliv 19.11.2020

Møen, Jarle

Flere jobber med formuesskattekutt?

Dagens Næringsliv 19.10.2020

Arve, Malin
Kristiansen, Eirik Gaard

Hvordan kunne nobelprisen i økonomi gå til noe så sært som auksjonsteori?

Bergens Tidende 17.10.2020

Eskeland, Gunnar S.

Formuesskattens tilhengere bør dempe entusiasmen sin

Dagens Næringsliv 14.10.2020

Foros, Øystein
Hjelmeng, Erling J.

Krig og fred i bokmarkedet

Dagens Næringsliv 30.09.2020

Braathen, Christian

Vi forskere må bli mer åpne 13.09.2020

Eskeland, Gunnar S.
Tomasgard, Asgeir

Elbilpolitikken virker

Dagens Næringsliv 03.09.2020