Department of Business and Management Science

Department of Business and Management Science

Research at the Department aims to understand and improve management practice using analytical methods.

We study decision making, governance and efficiency in organisations from a managerial perspective, as well as from the perspective of institutions and investors. Faculty members have backgrounds from economics, finance, operations research, mathematics and statistics, and have a firm focus on publishing research in high quality international journals.

The objective of the department is to benefit the business community and society at large through excellence in research, teaching and contributions to the public debate. Faculty members often appear in the media, they are heavily involved in contract research at the SNF Centre for Applied Research at NHH and they contribute to management training through NHH Executive.

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Recent Publications

Authors Title Publication
Otneim, Håkon
Jullum, Martin
Tjøstheim, Dag

Pairwise local Fisher and naive Bayes: Improving two standard discriminants

Journal of Econometrics, Online 01.02.2020

Latin American Oil Export Destination Choice: A Machine Learning Approach

IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Online 03.02.2020

Prochazka, Vit
Ådland, Roar Os

Ocean Mesh Grid: Applications in Shipping Modeling

IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Online 03.02.2020

Kvamsdal, Sturla F.
Sandal, Leif K.
Poudel, Diwakar

Ecosystem wealth in the Barents Sea

Ecological Economics, 2020, 171, 106602, Online 03.02.2020

Ullmann, Robert

Pushing the Wrong Buttons: VAT Evasion by Misclassification of Meal Consumption Type

European Accounting Review, Online 26.12.2019

Arve, Malin

Plattformøkonomi og finans

Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse, 2019, 22(8), 80-86

Sendstad, Lars Hegnes

Sequential investment in renewable energy technologies under policy uncertainty

Energy Policy, 2020, 137, 111152, Online 04.12.2019

Critical success factors for maintenance of local public buildings: The role of contingencies

Journal of Facilities Management, 2019, 17(5), 412-427, Online 04.11.2019

Neshat, Najmeh
Hadian, Hengameh

Technological learning modelling towards sustainable energy planning

Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology, Online 28.08.2019

Hopland, Arnt Ove

On the difficulties of evaluating the effect of school facility conditions on student outcomes

Journal of Facility Management Education and Research, 2019, 3(1), 1-7

Fleten, Stein-Erik
Ledsaak, Magne Eie
Mehl, Sigurd Bondahl
Røssum, Ola Esten
Ullrich, Carl J.

The Effect of Capacity Payments on Peaking Generator Availability in PJM

IAEE International Conference, 2019

Zakeri, Golbon
Pritchard, Geoffrey

Pricing Wind: A Revenue Adequate, Cost Recovering Uniform Price Auction for Electricity Markets with Intermittent Generation

INFORMS Journal on Optimization, 2019, 1(1), 35-48, Online 23.10.2018

Recent Chronicles and debates

Authors Title Publication

Eskeland, Gunnar S.

Kan ikke vente full kompensasjon når politikken må endres

Dagens Næringsliv 17.02.2020

Schjelderup, Guttorm

For mye fritak med fritaksmetoden

Dagens Næringsliv 16.02.2020

Braathen, Christian

Ledere glorifiserer selvdrevne ansatte

Dagens Næringsliv 14.02.2020

Eskeland, Gunnar S.

Dagens Næringsliv 07.02.2020

Møen, Jarle

Villedende om arveavgift

Bergens Tidende 30.01.2020

Ådland, Roar Os

Pools resurface with shipping swimming in data 23.01.2020

Eskeland , Gunnar S.
Tomasgard, Asgeir

Norsk gass trenger nok fangst og lagring også

Dagens Næringsliv 09.01.2020

Refsdal, Trygve
Eskeland , Gunnar S.

Satsingen på biodiesel av norsk skog er dårlig klimapolitikk

Dagens Næringsliv 01.01.2020