Department of Business and Management Science

Department of Business and Management Science

Research at the Department aims to understand and improve management practice using analytical methods.

We study decision making, governance and efficiency in organisations from a managerial perspective, as well as from the perspective of institutions and investors. Faculty members have backgrounds from economics, finance, operations research, mathematics and statistics, and have a firm focus on publishing research in high quality international journals.

The objective of the department is to benefit the business community and society at large through excellence in research, teaching and contributions to the public debate. Faculty members often appear in the media, they are heavily involved in contract research at the SNF Centre for Applied Research at NHH and they contribute to management training through NHH Executive.

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Recent Publications

Authors Title Publication

Bang, Rasmus Noss
Trellevik, Lars-Kristian Lunde

Perspectives on Exploration and Extraction of Seafloor Massive Sulfide Deposits in Norwegian Waters

Mineral Economics, Online 26.09.2022

Hovdahl, Isabel Montero

The deadly effect of day-to-day temperature variation in the United States

Environmental Research Letters, Online 16.09.2022

Bjørndal, Endre
Bjørndal, Mette
Coniglio, Stefano
Körner, Marc-Fabian
Leinauer, Christina
Weibelzahl, Martin

Energy Storage Operation and Electricity Market Design: On the Market Power of Monopolistic Storage Operators

European Journal of Operational Research, Online 15.09.2022

Bang, Rasmus
Steinshamn, Stein Ivar

Endogenous versus Exogenous Natural Mortality and Weight in Bioeconomic Models

Marine Resource Economics, Online 12.09.2022

Olden, Andreas
Møen, Jarle

The triple difference estimator

Econometrics Journal, 2022, 25(3), 531-553, Online 09.03.2022

Jacob, Martin
Todtenhaupt, Maximilian

Withholding Taxes, Compliance Cost, and Foreign Portfolio Investment

Accounting Review, Online 07.07.2022

Eryganov, Ivan
Šomplák, Radovan
Nevrlý, Vlastimír
Osicka, Ondrej
Prochazka, Vit

Cost-effective municipal unions formation within intermediate regions under prioritized waste energy recovery

Energy, 2022, 256, 124621, Online 30.06.2022

Di Nunno, Giulia

On stochastic control for time changed Lévy dynamics

SeMA Journal, 2022, 79, 529-547, Online 29.06.2022

Stenevik, Erling Kåre
Hølleland, Sondre Nedreås
Enberg, Katja
Høines, Åge Sigurd
Salthaug, Are
Slotte, Aril
Vatnehol, Sindre
Aanes, Sondre

Predicting density-dependent somatic growth in Norwegian spring-spawning herring

ICES Journal of Marine Science, 2022, 79(4), 1340-1352, Online 09.04.2022

Ni, Yuanming
Steinshamn, Stein Ivar
Kvamsdal, Sturla F.

Negative shocks in an age-structured bioeconomic model and how to deal with them

Economic Analysis and Policy, 2022, 76, 15-30, Online 29.07.2022

Tselika, Kyriaki

The impact of variable renewables on the distribution of hourly electricity prices and their variability: A panel approach

Energy Economics, 2022, 113, 106194, Online 21.07.2022

Rahimi Alangi, Somayeh
Bjørndal, Endre
Bjørndal, Mette

Can the European intraday market be designed as a congestion management tool?

Energy Economics, 2022, 113, 106171, Online 16.07.2022

Azzolini, Francesca
Berentsen, Geir Drage
Skaug, Hans J.
Hjelmborg, Jacob V. B.
Kaprio, Jaakko A.

The heritability of BMI varies across the range of BMI - a heritability curve analysis in a twin cohort

International Journal of Obesity, Online 11.07.2022

Bang, Rasmus Noss
Trellevik, Lars-Kristian Lunde

Reserve-dependent Capital Efficiency, Cross-sector Competition, and Mineral Security Considerations in Mineral Industry Transition

Mineral Economics, Online 06.07.2022

Rezaeinia, Nahid

Eigenvalue-UTilité Additive approach for evaluating multi-criteria decision-making problem

Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, Online 21.06.2022

Dauzère-Pérès, Stéphane
Nonås, Sigrid Lise

An improved decision support model for scheduling production in an engineer-to-order manufacturer

4OR, Online 21.05.2022

Duran, Guillermo
Guajardo, Mario
Zamorano, Gonzalo

Mathematical models for rescheduling Ecuador's 2020 professional football league season disrupted by COVID-19

Society and Economy, Online 17.06.2022

Arve, Malin
Serena, Marco

Level-k Models and Overspending in Contests

Games, 2022, 13(3), 45, Online 10.06.2022

Recent Feature articles and opinion pieces

Authors Title Publication

Bragelien, Iver

Langsiktig karriere viktigere enn kortsiktig bonus for likestilling?

Dagens Næringsliv 09.09.2022

Eskeland, Gunnar S.

Det blir ikke mer energi av makspriser

Dagens Næringsliv 02.09.2022

Bjerksund, Petter
Schjelderup, Guttorm

Nå er det vannkraften sin tur til å få skattepakke

Dagens Næringsliv 01.09.2022

Braathen, Christian

Kunstig intelligens? Vi må snakke om datakvaliteten

Dagens Næringsliv 29.08.2022

Eskeland, Gunnar S.

Er det greit at staten blir rikere?

Dagens Næringsliv 15.08.2022

Hopland, Arnt Ove

Mange ord, ingen svar

Firdaposten 11.08.2022

Hopland, Arnt Ove

Ting jeg ville spurt BDO om

Firdaposten 09.08.2022

Hopland, Arnt Ove

Faglig svakt av Kommunekonsult

Firdaposten 08.08.2022