Giacomo Benini

Assistant Professor Giacomo Benini

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Business and Management Science
Energy Environmental Economics Oil & Gas Life Cycle Assessment Greenhouse Gas Emissions Theoretical Microeconometrics Applied Microeconometrics/Microeconomics

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Masnadi, Mohammad S.; Benini, Giacomo; El-Houjeiri, Hassan M.; Milivinti, Alice; Anderson, James E.; Wallington, Timothy J.; De Kleine, Robert; Dotti, Valerio; Jochem, Patrick; Brandt, Adam R. Carbon implications of marginal oils from market-derived demand shocks Nature Volume 599; page 80 - 84; 2021
Benini, Giacomo; Cattani, Gilles Measuring the long run technical efficiency of offshore wind farms Applied Energy Volume 308; 2021
Benini, Giacomo; Sperlich, Stefan Modeling heterogeneous treatment effects in the presence of endogeneity Econometric Reviews Volume 41 (3); page 359 - 372; 2021
Benini, Giacomo; Dotti, Valerio Optimal Incentive Schemes to Reduce Natural Gas Flaring & Venting Emissions IAEE International Conference; 2021
Benini, Giacomo; Carvalho, Maria; Gaudard, Ludovic; Jochem, Patrick; Madani, Kaveh Heterogeneous Returns to Scale of Wind Farms in Northern Europe Energy Journal Volume 40; page 127 - 141; 2019
Milivinti, Alice; Benini, Giacomo Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society) Volume 182 (3); page 805 - 830; 2018
Benini, Giacomo; Sperlich, Stefan; Theler, Raoul Varying Coefficient Models Revisited: An Econometric View Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics; 2016
Benini, Giacomo Norwegian Oil Production: a Spatial Analysis IAEE International Conference; 2016
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