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Stein W. Wallace is a Professor of Operational Research and leader of the Centre for Shipping and Logistics at NHH. He received his Dr. Scient degree in informatics from the University of Bergen in 1984. He has earlier held professorships at for example Lancaster University Management School, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and NTNU, as well as visiting positions at for example IBM Watson Research in NY, Columbia University, ENP Grenoble and The University of Washington.

Wallace has published 100 papers in internationally leading journals such as Operations Research, Management Science, Transportation Science, Transportation Research B and C, Mathematical Programming and INFORMS Journal on Computing. He is best known for his work in stochastic programming (in particular the two books Stochastic Programming (with Peter Kall from 1994) and Modeling with stochastic programming (with Alan King from 2012)), but also for work in logistics and energy systems. He has over 9000 citations.

He is on numerous editorial boards, in particular INFORMS Journal on Computing (since 1990). He founded the Norwegian OR Society and has held elected positions in The British OR Society as well as The Society for Transportation and Logistics in INFORMS and The Mathematical Programming Society.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Wang, Shuang; Wallace, Stein William; Lu, Jing; Gu, Yewen Handling financial risks in crude oil imports: Taking into account crude oil prices as well as country and transportation risks Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review Volume 133 (17 pages); 2019
Mirhedayatian, Seyed Mostafa; Crainic, Teodor Gabriel; Guajardo, Mario; Wallace, Stein William A two-echelon location-routing problem with synchronisation Journal of the Operational Research Society; 2019
Maggioni, Francesca; Cagnolari, Matteo; Bertazzi, Luca; Wallace, Stein William Stochastic optimization models for a bike-sharing problem with transshipment European Journal of Operational Research Volume 276 (1); page 272 - 283; 2019
Guo, Zhaoxia; Wallace, Stein William; Kaut, Michal Vehicle Routing with Space- and Time-Correlated Stochastic Travel Times: Evaluating the Objective Function INFORMS journal on computing Volume 31 (4) (17 pages); 2019
Fairbrother, Jamie; Turner, Amanda; Wallace, Stein William Problem-driven scenario generation: an analytical approach for stochastic programs with tail risk measure Mathematical programming (42 pages); 2019
Prochazka, Vit; Ådland, Roar Os; Wallace, Stein William The value of foresight in the drybulk freight market Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice Volume 129; page 232 - 245; 2019
Gu, Yewen; Wallace, Stein William; Wang, Xin Can an Emission Trading Scheme really reduce CO2 emissions in the short term? Evidence from a maritime fleet composition and deployment model Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment Volume 74; page 318 - 338; 2019
Wang, Xin; Crainic, Teodor Gabriel; Wallace, Stein W. Stochastic network design for planning scheduled transportation services: The value of deterministic solutions INFORMS journal on computing Volume 31 (1); page 153 - 170; 2018
Fairbrother, Jamie; Turner, Amanda; Wallace, Stein W. Scenario generation for single-period portfolio selection problems with tail risk measures: Coping with high dimensions and integer variables INFORMS journal on computing Volume 30 (3); page 472 - 491; 2018
Choi, Tsan-Ming; Wallace, Stein William; Wang, Yulan Big Data Analytics in Operations Management Production and operations management Volume 27 (10); page 1868 - 1883; 2018
Gu, Yewen; Wallace, Stein W.; Wang, Xin Integrated maritime fuel management with stochastic fuel prices and new emission regulations Journal of the Operational Research Society; 2018
Gu, Yewen; Wallace, Stein W.; Wang, Xin The Impact of Bunker Risk Management on CO2 Emissions in Maritime Transportation Under ECA Regulation Sustainable Logistics and Transportation; page 199 - 224; 2018
Brekke, Kjell Arne; Golombek, Rolf; Kaut, Michal; Kittelsen, Sverre A.C.; Wallace, Stein W. Stochastic energy market equilibrium modeling with multiple agents Energy Volume 134; page 984 - 990; 2017
Wang, Xin; Fagerholt, Kjetil; Wallace, Stein W. Planning for charters: A stochastic maritime fleet composition and deployment problem Omega : The International Journal of Management Science Volume 79; page 54 - 66; 2017
Gu, Yewen; Wallace, Stein W. Scrubber: A potentially overestimated compliance method for the Emission Control Areas: The importance of involving a ship’s sailing pattern in the evaluation Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment Volume 55; page 51 - 66; 2017
Vaagen, Hajnalka; Kaut, Michal; Wallace, Stein W. The impact of design uncertainty in engineer-to-order project planning European Journal of Operational Research Volume 261 (3); page 1098 - 1109; 2017
Zhao, Yifei; Wallace, Stein W. Appraising redundancy in facility layout International Journal of Production Research Volume 54 (3); page 665 - 679; 2016
Wang, Yulan; Wallace, Stein William; Shen, Bin; Choi, Tsan-Ming Service supply chain management: A review of operational models European Journal of Operational Research Volume 247 (3); page 685 - 698; 2015
Hanasusanto, Grani A.; Kuhn, Daniel; Wallace, Stein; Zymler, Steve Distributionally robust multi-item newsvendor problems with multimodal demand distributions Mathematical programming Volume 152 (1); page 1 - 32; 2014
Bai, Ruibin; Wallace, Stein; Li, Jingpeng; Chong, Alain Yee-Loong Stochastic service network design with rerouting Transportation Research Part B: Methodological Volume 60; page 50 - 65; 2014
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