Mette Helene Bjørndal

Professor Mette Helene Bjørndal

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Business and Management Science
Energy Management Science Combinatorial Auctions Management Accounting Operations Management

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Bjørndal, Endre; Bjørndal, Mette Helene; Cai, Hong Nodal pricing in a coupled electricity market European Energy Markets (EEM 14) Conference; page 1 - 6; 2014
Bjørndal, Endre; Bjørndal, Mette Helene; Rud, Linda Congestion management by dispatch or re-dispatch: Flexibility costs and market power effects 10th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM); page 1 - 8; 2013
Bjørndal, Endre; Bjørndal, Mette Helene; Gribkovskaia, Victoria Congestion Management in the Nordic Electricity Market 2012 9th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM 2012); 2012
Miguéis, Vera; Camanho, AS; Bjørndal, Endre; Bjørndal, Mette Helene Productivity change and innovation in Norwegian electricity distribution companies Journal of the Operational Research Society Volume 63 (7); page 982 - 990; 2012
Bjørndal, Mette; Gribkovskaia, Victoria; Jørnsten, Kurt Market power in a power market with transmission constraints Energy Market (EEM) 2010 7th International Conference on Euoropean Energy Market; 2010
Bjørndal, Mette Helene; Jørnsten, Kurt; Jörnsten, Kurt; Rud, Linda Capacity Charges: A Price Adjustment Process for Managing Congestion in Electricity Transmission Networks Energy Systems; page 267 - 292; 2010
Bjørndal, Mette; Jørnsten, Kurt A Partitioning Method that Generates Interpretable Prices for Integer Programming Problems Energy Systems, Springer Verlag; page 337 - 350; 2010
Bjørndal, Endre; Bjørndal, Mette Helene; Fange, Kari-Anne Benchmarking in Regulation of Electricity Networks in Norway: An Overview Energy Systems; page 317 - 342; 2010
Bjørndal, Mette; Jörnsten, Kurt Investment Paradoxes in Electricity Networks Springer Optimization and Its Applications: Pareto Optimality, Game Theory and Equilibria; page 593 - 608; 2008
Bjørndal, Mette; Jörnsten, Kurt Equilibrium prices supported by dual price functions in markets with non-convexities European Journal of Operational Research Volume 190 (3); page 768 - 789; 2008
Bjørndal, Mette; Jörnsten, Kurt Benefits from coordinating congestion management - The Nordic power market Energy Policy Volume 35 (3); page 1978 - 1991; 2007
Bjørndal, Mette; Jörnsten, Kurt An electricity market bidding game How do students construct bids in a stylized electricity market? Information technology, decision making and learning in a business management context: A Festschrift in honour of Anna Mette Fuglseth; page 159 - 174; 2006
Bjørndal, Mette; Jörnsten, Kurt; Koster, Rene de; Delfmann, Werner An Aumann-Shapley Approach to Cost Allocation in a Supply Chain Supply Chain Management - European Perspectives; 2005
Bjørndal, Mette; Jörnsten, Kurt The Deregulated Electricity Market Viewed as a Bilevel Programming Problem Journal of Global Optimization Volume 33 (3); page 465 - 475; 2005
Bjørndal, Mette; Jörnsten, Kurt Revenue Cap Regulation in a Deregulated Electricity Market - Effects on a Grid Company Central European Journal of Operations Research Volume 11 (2); page 197 - 215; 2003
Bjørndal, Mette; Jörnsten, Kurt Prices in a Combinatorial Auction Journal of Statistics & Management Systems Volume 6 (2); page 281 - 293; 2003
Bjørndal, Mette; Jörnsten, Kurt; Pignon, Virginie Congestion Management in the Nordic Power Market – Counter Purchases and Zonal Pricing Journal of Network Industries Volume 4 (3); page 271 - 292; 2003
Bjørndal, Mette; Bjørndal, Marie Helene; Jörnsten, Kurt An Analysis of a Combinatorial Auction Quantitative Approaches to Distribution Logistics and Supply Chain Management; page 163 - 176; 2002
Bjørndal, Mette; Jörnsten, Kurt Congestion Management in a Deregulated Power Market ?; page 38 - 39; 2001
Bjørndal, Mette; Jörnsten, Kurt Zonal Pricing in a Deregulated Electricity Market Energy Journal Volume 22 (1); page 51 - 73; 2001
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