Market Communication Effectiveness

MBM424 Market Communication Effectiveness

Autumn 2024

  • Topics

    MBM424 consists of two integrated parts. The first part is a general introduction to fundamental marketing communication decisions. Topics covered in this part include objective setting, integration of the marketing communication mix, persuasion theory and communication messages.

    The second part is about digital communication, and the nature and measurement of communication effectiveness. We first give an overview of determinants of effectiveness in traditional and digital media. Then we discuss how to best measure the effectiveness of market communication, and how the ideal procedures and techniques are often difficult to use in practice. Next, we discuss and show cases of workable solutions, while keeping an eye on the issue of validity and quality of evidence.

    Core topics:​

    • Digital and traditional communication strategy
    • Conceptions and dimensions of communication effectiveness
    • Communication of sustainability and communication ethics
    • Key metrics and tests of communication effectiveness
    • Practical problems in measurement of marketing effectiveness
    • Digital communication and use of Google Analytics

  • Learning outcome

    By the end of this course the students can:


    • Explain major determinants of digital and traditional communication effectiveness.
    • Recall major challenges involved in measuring communication effectiveness.
    • Define key metrics and tests of communication effectiveness.
    • Explain the theoretical underpinnings of key metrics and tests.
    • Discuss the strategic and tactical implications of effectiveness test results.


    • Identify and solve typical problems involved in measuring communication effectiveness.
    • Develop a framework for testing and monitoring of market communication effectiveness.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of communication campaigns.
    • Use Google Analytics to measure communication effectiveness.

    General competence

    • Identify biases in performance tests
    • Write an executive report

  • Teaching

    Classroom teaching, case work in groups, and classroom discussion.

  • Required prerequisites


  • Compulsory Activity

    Individual assignment on digital communication (approved / not approved).

    Group (2-5 students) term paper.

    If a student wishes to retake the course, both compulsory activities (work requirements) and group-based oral exam must be retaken.

  • Assessment

    Group-based oral exam (100% of the grade). Groups (2-5 students) present a written term paper (same group that submitted for course approval).

    All group members receive the same grade.

    If a student wishes to retake the course, both compulsory activities (work requirements) and group-based oral exam must be retaken.

  • Grading Scale

    Grading scale A - F.

  • Computer tools

    Adobe Connect

  • Literature

    Selected articles and book-chapters.


ECTS Credits
Teaching language

Spring. Will be offered spring 2024.

Course responsible

Professor Magne Supphellen, Department of Strategy and Management