Norwegian Language III: Norwegian Business and Society

ELE426 Norwegian Language III: Norwegian Business and Society

Spring 2020

  • Topics

    ELE426 is a course in Norwegian for students who have taken the Norwegian courses NOR10 and NOR11 or have similar level of Norwegian.

    The main focus of the course is on how to communicate professionally in Norwegian, and the course discusses both language and topics from Norwegian economy and society.

  • Learning outcome

    Upon successful completion, you:


    • Have a broad insight into and an understanding of the Norwegian society
    • Have an understanding of Norwegian business
    • Have insights into Norwegian demography and politics
    • Understand Norwegian cultural codes


    • Have good practical knowledge in Norwegian language with emphasis on the economic and administrative language.
    • Are able to express yourself well in Norwegian and in various economic and administrative genres.
    • Have command of the formal criteria of the economic and administrative genres: letters and emails, reports, memos, case presentation

    General competences

    • Are able to communicate in written and spoken Norwegian in most contexts and adapt the language after the contexts it is used in.
    • Are able to present and argue for a case in a good and suitable language.
    • Have intercultural competence and understanding of different cultural codes.

  • Teaching


    Individual tasks

    Individual presentations

    Group Tasks

    Group Presentations


  • Restricted access

    This course is reserved for students with a limited knowledge of the Norwegian language. Students with Norwegian as mother-tongue or Norwegian as a second language will not be accepted for the course.

  • Required prerequisites

    NOR11 or equivalent knowledge (corresponding to level B1)

  • Requirements for course approval

    Topic for the term paper must be approved by the course responsible

  • Assessment

    The final assessment consists of two parts, portfolio and oral exam 

    Portfolio (60%):  Scale A-F

    the portfolio consists of three texts:

    - Two shorter texts counting 20 each of the written grade

    - One term paper on a topic by own choice, but related to Norwegian society and business, around 1400 words. Counts 60% of written grade

    The written tasks must be handed in at the dates specified at the start of the semester. 

    Oral exam (40%): Scale A-F

    the oral exam consist about 20 minutes conversation. First a approx. 10 min long presentation / summary of a texts. the text has been given 20 minutes prior to the exam. then approx 10 minutes conversation about other topics related to the course.

    Grades are given separatly for oral and written. Both parts has to be passed in the same semester. If the course is retaken, both parts has to be taken again.

  • Grading Scale


  • Literature

    Mandatory litterature

    Kirsti Mac Donald: Norsk grammatikk, norsk som andrespråk - Arbeidsbok

    Tekster texts handed out in class and that are accessible on Canvas


    Recommended litterature

    Maagerø og Simonsen: Norway: Culture and Society



ECTS Credits
Teaching language

Autumn, offered autumn 2019

Course responsible

 Klara Sjo