Sustainable Energy

ENE425 Sustainable Energy

Autumn 2020

Spring 2021
  • Topics

    Sustainable energy is one of the fundamental global challenges today and has broad relevance for policy, economics, business, and development. Energy usage is closely linked to living standards and is at the core of social and economic development. For this development to be sustainable, energy systems need to integrate large shares of energy from renewable sources. A transition to sustainable energy systems require large-scale changes across society.

    The course provides an introduction to sustainable energy with regard to the following aspects:

    • Sustainable energy sources (renewables, nuclear energy, others)
    • Resources (potential and limitations)
    • Energy and the environment
    • Economics and policy
    • Future scenarios

  • Learning outcome

    The course provide an overview of the present global energy situation and challenges related to the environment, development and a growing population. Current and potential future energy sources are discussed with regard to resources, environmental impact, economics, and policy.


    After the course, students:

    • Understand different energy transformation principles and the power concept.
    • Understand the environmental impact of different energy sources.
    • Know the sources of energy available, and potential cost and limitations of different energy resources.
    • Understand the economic characteristics of power plants based on alternative and conventional energy forms.


    After the course, students:

    • Are able to use basic formulas and devices to make their own calculations and assessments on energy resources and environmental impacts.
    • Are able to calculate the current costs for different power plants and make prediction on future costs based on various scenarios.

  • Teaching

    Lectures, exercises, assignments. There will be a focus on relevant problem solving through exercises and assignments with a dedicated exercise session each week. Two out of three assignments must be passed to take the exam.

  • Requirements for course approval

    Two approved assignments (individual)

  • Assessment

    Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, the assessment for the spring semester 2020 has been changed:

    Individual home exam. 5 hours.

    Exam dates have not been changed.


    Original assessment form spring 2020 – cancelled:

    4 hours written school exam.

  • Grading Scale

    Grading scale spring 2020:


    (Originally planned: A-F)

  • Literature

    Stephen Peake (ed.): Renewable Energy - Power for a sustainable future (2018). Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0-19-875975-1

    Additional material will be made available via the course page.

    Recommended reading:

    David McKay: Sustainable energy - without hot air (2009). UIT Cambridge Ltd, ISBN 978-0-9544529-3-3. The book is available for free at:


ECTS Credits
Teaching language

Spring. Offered Spring 2020.

NB! The assessment form has been changed due to the ongoing corona pandemic.

See assessment section for details.

Course responsible

Adjunct Associate Professor Sturla F. Kvamsdal, Department of Business and Management Science