ENEINT Internship

Autumn 2018

  • Topics

    When applying for internships you may need documentation from NHH to support your application. Please contact Charlotte V. Rundhovde at number 55 95 92 03 ( 

    In order to have an internship approved the following requirements must be accomplished:

    1. The company where the internship is performed must be operating within the areas relevant for the ENE profile.

    2. The internship must last for at least one month.

    3. The company where the internship is performed must write a letter describing the work that the student has been involved in during the internship.

    4. The student is to write a report that describes the knowledge the student has gained (and relate this to relevant literature/articles). This can be presented as a case document, based on the company where the internship was performed.

    5. The student report and the company's letter are to be submitted in the Information Center, for registration at the Examination Office, before it is forwarded to the examiners.

    6. The result of the internship will be registered in the StudentWeb.

  • Grading Scale

    Grading Pass / fail


ECTS Credits

Fall and spring.