Corporate and Private Environmental Responsibility

ENE456 Corporate and Private Environmental Responsibility

Autumn 2023

Spring 2024
  • Topics

    Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), large corporations, environmental responsibility environmental conservation work, clean technology development, environmental NGOs strategy, policy influence.

  • Learning outcome

    Knowledge - upon successful completion the student

    • Is familiar with selected environmental NGOs and large private corporations with interests in the environment and clean technology development.
    • Knows how environmental NGOs and private corporations work toward environmental responsibility and conservation, including strategies in the short an long run.
    • Understands the role of NGOs and large corporations in environmental issues and in policy work at both the national and international level.

    Skills - upon successful completion the student

    • Can explain differences between various types of environmental NGOs.
    • Can explain and discuss environmental responsibility of large private corporations.
    • Can coordinate and work on subject related matter in peer-groups.
    • Can present and discuss subject related questions to a larger audience.

  • Teaching

    The seminar mainly consists of lectures given by representatives of selected NGOs and large private corporations that have an environmental agenda.

  • Credit reduction due to overlap


  • Compulsory Activity

    Mandatory attendance at all lectures and activities.

  • Assessment

    3 days individual home exam (publication day 1 at 09.00, submission day 3 by 14.00).

  • Grading Scale


  • Literature

    NGO Diplomacy: The Influence of Nongovernmental Organizations in International Environmental Negotiations (2007), Betsill, M.M, Corell, E. (eds.). MIT Press.

    Doyle, Julie (2009) Climate Action and Environmental Activism: The Role of Environmental NGOs and Grassroots Movements in the Global Politics of Climate Change In: Boyce, Tammy and Lewis, Justin, eds. Climate Change and the Media. Peter Lang, New York, USA, pp. 103-116. ISBN 9781433104619


ECTS Credits
Teaching language

Spring. Offered Spring 2023 (last week of the semester).

Course responsible

Professor Stein Ivar Steinshamn, Department of Business and Management Science.