Strategic Analysis

STR404 Strategic Analysis

  • Topics


    This course is fundamentally about understanding why some firms are more profitable than others. The overriding goal of the course is to understand the forces that create and destroy profitability differences and the link between these forces and strategic decisions.

    - Understand why profitability levels vary across markets, and how and why competitive forces might change industry profitability

    - Understand why profitability differs within markets and the creation and destruction of competitive advantage

    - How to analyze key strategic decisions

    - Positioning Choices

    - Boundary Choices

    - Competitive Interaction


  • Learning outcome

    Learning outcome

    Knowledge - the candidate...

    has advanced knowledge within strategic analysis and specialized insight in a limited area

    has thorough knowledge of the scholarly methods in strategic analysis

    can apply knowledge to new areas within strategic analysis

    can analyze academic problems on the basis of strategic management theories


    Skills - The candidate...

    can analyze and deal critically with various sources of information and use them to structure and formulate scholarly arguments

    can analyze existing theories, methods and interpretations in the field and work independently on practical and theoretical problems


    Competence - The candidate...

    can apply his/her knowledge and skills in new areas in order to carry out advanced assignments and projects

    can communicate extensive independent work and masters language and terminology of the academic field

    can communicate about academic issues, analyses and conclusions in the field, both with specialists and the general public



  • Teaching


    Lectures, class room discussion, case discussions.



  • Required prerequisites

    Required prerequisites

    Students will be assumed to have had an introductory course in strategic management at the bachelor level and know basic microeconomics

  • Requirements for course approval

    Requirements for course approval

    Two course papers (approved/not approved).


  • Assessment


    Four hour written exam.-

  • Grading Scale

    Grading Scale

    Grading Scale A - F.

  • Computer tools

    Computer tools

    Access to itslearning is required.


  • Semester



  • Literature


    Besanko, Dranove, Shaneley and Schaefer (2013): Economics of Strategy. 6th ed. International Student Version. Wiley.

    Compendium of academic articles


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Teaching language

Course responsible

Professor Lasse B. Lien, Department of Strategy and Management