Deep-sea mineral resources

ENE477 Deep-sea mineral resources

Autumn 2023

Spring 2024
  • Topics

    This course combines lectures and workshops to provide insight to the prospects of deep-sea mining. Participants will also acquire practical skills in creating and utilizing cost-benefit models.

  • Learning outcome


    Upon successful completion the student

    • is familiar with the role of minerals and metals in society today
    • knows why deep-sea minerals are considered for extraction
    • is familiar with different types of deep-sea mineral deposits
    • knows the basics of exploration, extraction, and processing of deep-sea minerals
    • is familiar with the environmental risks of deep-sea mining
    • knows the components of a dynamic cost-benefit model and analysis
    • knows the value and limitations of cost-benefit models in uncertain and unknown domains


    Upon successful completion the student

    • can work efficiently in teams under time constraints
    • can develop cost-benefit models in MS Excel
    • can conduct cost-benefit analysis in MS Excel
    • can communicate findings efficiently in writing

    General competences

    Upon successful completion the student

    • has practice with problem-identification, problem-solving and critical thinking
    • has practice with collaboration, communication, and time management
    • has practice in applied cost-benefit modeling and analysis
    • has insight to the opportunities and challenges of deep-sea mining
    • can communicate mathematical models, analyses, findings, and limitations in written reports

  • Teaching

    One week-long intensive course with lectures and workshop sessions. Learning-by-doing oriented teaching.

  • Credit reduction due to overlap


  • Compulsory Activity


  • Assessment

    Group project report. Students will work in groups of (approximately) 3-4, for 4 weeks (starting in the teaching week).

  • Grading Scale


  • Literature

    Lecture notes, selected reports, selected scientific articles.


ECTS Credits
Teaching language

Autumn. Will be not offered Autumn 2023

Course responsible

Dr. Rasmus Noss Bang, Department of Business and Management Science.