PhD Courses

PhD Courses

We offer courses in accounting and auditing, administration, finance, economics, management, marketing, methodology, and quantitative and qualitative methods.

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Phd course portfolio

PhD courses spring 2019

Code Name Stp Semester
BEA514 BEA514Topics in Numerical Optimization 5 Spring
ECS502 ECS502Advanced Macroeconomics 7.5 Spring
ECS505 ECS505Advanced microeconomic theory II 4 Spring
MET504 MET504Theory and Research Evaluation 5 Spring
MET510 MET510Scientific Methods 5 Spring
MET512 MET512Qualitative Methods: The Basics 7.5 Spring
MET522 MET522Multivariate Data Analysis 7.5 Spring
REG523 REG523Behavioral Auditing Research 5 Spring
REG524 REG524Business Crime: U.S. Enforcement Against Multinational Corporations for Corruption and Fraud 5 Spring

PhD courses autumn 2018

Code Name Stp Semester
BEA511 BEA511Topics in Dynamic Modeling and Optimal Controls 5 Autumn
BEA513 BEA513Topics in Probability Theory and Stochastic Pro 5 Autumn
BEA522 BEA522Rural Logistics 5 Autumn
ECS503 ECS503Advanced Econometrics 7.5 Autumn
ECS504 ECS504Advanced microeconomic theory I 4 Autumn
ECS530 ECS530Analysing spatial data 7.5 Autumn Spring
ECS559 ECS559Field experiments in education 5 Autumn
ECS560 ECS560Introduction to Behavioural Economics 5 Autumn
FIN512 FIN512Empirical Asset Pricing II 4 Autumn
FIN536 FIN536Scientific Methods in Finance 7.5 Autumn
FIN537 FIN537Workshop in Recent Evidence on CEO Incentives 2.5 Autumn
FSK502 FSK502Current issues in phraseology 2.5 Autumn
MET501A MET501AResearch Designs and Methodological Choices 5 Autumn
MET501B MET501BResearch Designs and Methodological Choices: Research Proposal 2.5 Autumn
MET501C MET501CResearch Designs and Methodological Choices: Research Proposal (Accounting track) 2.5 Autumn
MET513 MET513Academic Writing in a Research Setting 2.5 Autumn
MET524 MET524Research Ethics for the Social Sciences 2.5 Autumn Spring

PhD course portfolio

Code Name Stp Semester
ECS558 ECS558Productivity: Firms, Markets, and Economies 5 Spring
FIN501 FIN501Asset Pricing Theory I 7.5 Autumn
FIN502 FIN502Corporate Finance Theory 7.5 Autumn
FIN511 FIN511Empirical Asset Pricing I 4 Spring
FIN513 FIN513Asset Pricing Theory II 7.5 Spring
FIN521 FIN521Topics in Empirical Corporate Finance 7.5 Spring
FIN530 FIN530Empirical Research in Corporate Finance 5 Autumn Spring
FIN535 FIN535Special Topics in Corporate Finance 2.5 Spring
MAR528 MAR528Marketing Topics: Marketing Thought and Theories 7.5 Autumn Spring
ORG520 ORG520Foundations and Frontiers of Management 7.5 Autumn
REG510 REG510Management Accounting: Incentive Mechanism 7.5 Autumn
REG511 REG511Cost and Performance Measurement 7.5 Autumn Spring
REG514 REG514Argumentation and Research Design in Accounting 7.5 Autumn
REG522 REG522Economic Analysis of corporate misconduct 5 Spring