Foundations and Frontiers of Management

ORG520 Foundations and Frontiers of Management

Spring 2021

  • Topics

    Transaction cost theory


    Firm advantage / Theory of the firm


    Some institutional theory of organizations


    Resource based view/Knowledge based view


    Knowledge based competitive advantage


    Knowledge based advantage through learning in organizations


    Corporate strategy


    Managerial cognition and strategic decision processes


    Innovation entrepreneurship and competitive advantage


    Implementation of strategic change


    Leadership theory and research - an overview


    Ethical decision-making and ethical leadership


    Leadership in teams and organizations

  • Learning outcome


    • Understand and apply theories of strategy, organization and leadership (management).
    • Understand the reciprocity of theories of strategy, organization and leadership as a key to success.
    • Identify the research frontiers of management.


    • Critically analyze relevant problems in management.

    General competence:

    • Communicate and discuss research in a clear cut manner.

  • Teaching

    The course has two modules.

    First module - Topics in Strategic Management and Leadership.


    Second module - Theoretical foundations of Management.

    A more detailed schedule will be presented during the introduction.

    • Students are expected to prepare the course literature prior to the class.
    • Students present at least one article in class.
    • Students are expected to participate actively in class discussions.

  • Assessment

    Home exam. Three days, between 9am on the first day and 14 pm on the third day.

  • Grading Scale

    Grading scale A-F

  • Literature

    Compendium of articles and book chapters.

    The program with a complete list of readings will be available in due time prior to the seminar.


ECTS Credits
Teaching language

Autumn. Not offered autumn 2020. Offered autumn 2021.

Course responsible

Rune Lines, Department of Strategy and Management