Become a visiting student at a PhD course at NHH

Become a visiting student at a PhD course at NHH

If you would like to attend one or several PhD courses as a visiting student, you must apply each semester. Deadlines may vary for each course.

  • In order to get admission

    In order to get admission

    • You must upload a copy of one of the following documents for assessment of your qualifications:
      • Documentation of admission in the PhD programme at your home university or
      • Documentation of Research Scholar Position (contract/PhD agreement) or
      • Degree certificate and transcripts of grades (master/PhD level)
    • You must upload a copy of your passport
    • Remember to ensure that all documents are uploaded as PDFs.
    • You have to upload a certified translation to all documents, unless they are in English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish
  • Choose a course

    Choose a course

  • Application dates

    Application dates

    BEA514 Topics in Numerical Optimization - 15.02.2021

    ECS507 PhD Macroeconomics II - 15.02.2021

    ECS509 PhD Econometrics II - 15.02.2021

    ECS565 PhD Microeconomics II - 15.02.2021

    ECS566 Exclusive Contracts and Digital Platform - 15.03.2021

    ECS569 The Theory of Institutions - 24.05.2021

    FIN540 Empirical Corprate Finance II - 08.03.2021

    MET504 Theory and Research Evaluation - 12.04.2021

    MET512 Qualitative Methods: The Basics - 05.04.2021

    MET522 Multivariate Data Analysis - 22.02.2021

    MET524 Research Ethics for the Social Sciences - 03.03.2021

    ORG521 Entrepreneurship and Strategy - 15.02.2021

    REG522 Economic Analysis of Corporate Misconduct - 15.04.2021

    REG523 Behavioral Auditing Research - 15.03.2021

  • Please make a special note of the following

    Please make a special note of the following

    • NHH reserves the right to contact institutions, associations and government agencies for the purpose of explanation and/or verification of all submitted documents.
    • You are liable for submitted documents, and that they represent true and unaltered information. Wrongful or misleading information may lead to dismissal. Submission of fraudulent documents is illegal and will be reported to the proper authorities.
  • Admission


    If your application is accepted, you will receive an offer of admission by e-mail. Please note that all information regarding your application and/or admision is  sent to the e-mail address provided in the application.

    Normally, admission is completed within two weeks after the application deadline.

  • Contact


    Please contact The Section for doctoral education at the Office of Research Administration if you have any questions, and we will be happy to help you.

    NHH Norwegian School of Economics:
    Telephone: +4755959000