Research Designs and Methodological Choices

MET518NFB Research Designs and Methodological Choices

  • Topics


     The course will cover research related to:

    - experimental and

    - quasi-experimental designs,

    - survey and time-series designs

    - selected "qualitative" approaches

    - suggestions from the participants to cover additional research approaches might to the extent possible be covered, e.g. by offering additional lectures


    In particular the course emphasizes the possibilities and limitations of various research approaches and how the research situation (including problem formulation and its representation, data possibilities etc.) influence the research approach and analyses.

    In addition to an introduction to and an overview of the various research approaches, the course will include critical evaluations of selected empirical studies.


  • Learning outcome

    Learning outcome

    The course, building on an introductory course in the social sciences, aims at contributing to enhanced understanding of and competence in conducting empirical social science research. Main objectives are that the participants themselves will be able to evaluate, plan, and conduct demanding empirical studies in a competent way. The main emphasis is on advantages and disadvantages of various research approaches (types of research designs), and on the relationships between research problems, designs and analyses. Validity problems will be highlighted.


  • Teaching


    The course will be conducted as a blend of lectures, presentations and discussions of selected parts of the course material, as well as critical evaluations of selected empirical studies. In addition, the participants own research problems will be addressed.

    Prior to the course the participant should submit a short "proposal" describing the selected research problem, theoretical departure, intended contribution, and how the research problem is intended to be studied empirically.


  • Required prerequisites

    Required prerequisites


  • Requirements for course approval

    Requirements for course approval



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  • Computer tools

    Computer tools


  • Semester


    Spring and Fall.

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Spring, Autumn

Course responsible

Professor Kjell Grønhaug and professor Øyvind Helgesen

Høgskolen i Ålesund in co-operation with NHH