Research Designs and Methodological Choices: Research Proposal

MET501B Research Designs and Methodological Choices: Research Proposal

Spring 2024

  • Topics

    The purpose of the course is to apply learning outcomes from MET501A on the candidate's own research project. Hence, students should develop skills needed to formulate research questions, develop a design for answering those questions, and implement and evaluate the research effort.

    A basic understanding of statistics (e.g. correlation, regression, analysis of variance) is assumed.

  • Learning outcome

    MET501B is a follow-up of MET501A and has some of the same learning outcomes. However, MET501B is more about applying knowledge learned in MET501A. Hence, development of skills is the key. After taking this course, the candidate can...


    • apply knowledge learned in MET501A and relate this to his/her academic field and master the field´s philosophy of science and methods
    • contribute to the development of new knowledge, new theories, and methods.


    • formulate problems, plan and carry out research
    • critically assess and choose measurement of construct
    • perform analysis of the quality of measurement
    • apply relevant methods and processes in research and scholarly development projects

    General competence:

    • carry out his/her research with scholarly integrity
    • present and discuss his/her own work with an evaluation committee (course responsible and supervisor).

  • Teaching

    The course contains several seminars addressing central topics relevant for writing a paper or dissertation (3-4 seminars). The candidate will also have to present the research proposal in class.

    Students have to write a research proposal and present and discuss this proposal.

    The course will be in a digital format.

  • Restricted access

    PhD candidates from NHH as well as PhD candidates from other institutions can take part in the course. However, students should have taken MET501A.

  • Recommended prerequisites


  • Required prerequisites


  • Compulsory Activity

    Active participation in course seminars. Written research proposal. 

  • Assessment

    Individual presentation of written research proposal.

  • Grading Scale


  • Computer tools

    No special

  • Literature

    Selected articles. The program with complete list of readings will be available in due time prior to the seminar.


ECTS Credits
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Course responsible

Professor Einar Breivik, Department of Strategy and Management.