Courses in Strategy and Management major before autumn 2020

Courses in Strategy and Management major before autumn 2020

To take Strategy and Management as a major, you need 45 ECTS from the STR portfolio of courses.

Please note: all students are required to have at least 2.5 ECTS from the courses designated "Ethics".

Major in Strategy and Management

Empirical methods - minimum one

Code Name Stp Semester
STR402A STR402AMethodology for Master Thesis 7.5 Autumn Spring
STR405 STR405Methodology for Master Thesis 7.5
BUS444 BUS444Econometrics for Business Research 7.5
ECN402 ECN402Econometric Techniques 7.5 Autumn Spring


Code Name Stp Semester
STR404 STR404Strategic Analysis 7.5 Autumn

Electives - 30stp

Code Name Stp Semester
ECN431 ECN431Applied Data Analysis of Firm Strategy and Competition 7.5
STR432 STR432Strategic Alliances and Networks 7.5
STR460 STR460Managing Change and Innovation 7.5 Autumn
STR420 STR420Business Location Decisions 7.5
STR421 STR421Competitive Strategy 7.5 Spring
STR422 STR422Implementation of Strategic Change and Learning in Organisations 7.5
BAN401 BAN401Applied Programming and Data Analysis for Business 7.5 Autumn
BUS446 BUS446Sustainable Business Models 7.5 Autumn Spring
BUS455 BUS455Applied Programming and Data Analysis for Business 7.5
MBM430 MBM430Global Business Venturing 7.5
NBD406 NBD406Strategic Entrepreneurship 7.5 Autumn
NBD407 NBD407Business Model Innovation 7.5
NBD410 NBD410Corporate Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age 7.5
STR425 STR425Negotiations (N) 7.5 Autumn Spring
STR428 STR428Corporate Strategy (expired) 7.5
STR433 STR433Ethical Action: Individual, Organisation, and Society 7.5 Autumn
STR450 STR450Risk Judgements 7.5
STR453 STR453Digitalisation 7.5 Spring
STR454 STR454Corporate Entrepreneurship 7.5
STR455 STR455Developing Competitive Advantage in Knowledge Intensive Firms 7.5 Autumn
STR456 STR456Management and Leader Psychology 7.5 Spring
STR458 STR458New Business Development 7.5
STR459 STR459Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (N) 7.5 Autumn
STR435 STR435Personnel Economics 7.5 Spring
STR436 STR436Leadership and Organisational Decision Making 7.5 Spring
STR437 STR437Team and Team Management (N) 7.5 Autumn
STR444 STR444Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (expired) 7.5
STR445 STR445Human Capital, Mobility and Diversity in Firms 7.5 Autumn
STR446 STR446Process Management (N) 7.5 Autumn
STR447 STR447Human Resource Management 7.5 Spring
INB400 INB400International Organisation and Management 7.5
STR451 STR451Managerial Decision Making 7.5 Spring
STR452 STR452Strategy with Finance 7.5 Spring
INB422 INB422International Strategy (expired) 7.5
ETI450 ETI450Corporate Social Responsibility 7.5 Spring
BUS441 BUS441Competition Analysis (N) 7.5
BUS449 BUS449Multivariate Analysis for Business Economics 7.5
BUS452 BUS452Corruption - Incentives, Disclosure and Liability 7.5 Spring

Master's Thesis

Code Name Stp Semester
STRTHE STRTHEIndependent Work/Thesis 30 Autumn Spring