Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication

Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication

Language skills and cultural understanding are increasingly important in a globalised world.

NHH is proud of its leading academic environment for research and teaching in the field of language for special purposes (LSP) and intercultural communication, in particular professional language within the fields of economics and business administration.

The department carries out research and offers courses in language and communication in English, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian and Spanish.

This website provides useful information for language researchers, students and staff as well as prospective candidates for the National Translator Accreditation Exam.

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Andersen, Gisle

Langerfeld, Christian

The Dynamics of Turn-taking in Meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee

FACHSPRACHE Volume 45 (3-4); page 187 - 210; 2023

Rygg, Kristin

How Scandinavian political leaders appealed to cognitive or affective-based trust during the Covid-19 pandemic

Remedies against the Pandemic : How politicians communicate crisis management; page 20 - 43; 2023


Pietikäinen, Kaisa S.;

English in Nordic multilingual families

English in the Nordic Countries: Connections, Tensions, and Everyday Realities; page 204 - 226; 2023

Cardona, Margrete Dyvik


Hvordan fremmedspråk fremmer bærekraft i økonomiutdanningen. Spansk valgfag ved NHH

Nordic Journal of Language Teaching and Learning (NJLTL) Volume 11 (2); 2023

Hegrenæs, Claudia Förster; Roald, Jan; Sandvei, BeateSimonnæs, Ingrid



Teaching Specialized Translation: Curriculum design of an online master course in legal translation.



Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning E (CTTL E) Volume 9; page 258 - 289; 2022