Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication

Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication

Language skills and cultural understanding are increasingly important in a globalised world.

NHH is proud of its leading academic environment for research and teaching in the field of language for special purposes (LSP) and intercultural communication, in particular professional language within the fields of economics and business administration.

The department carries out research and offers courses in language and communication in English, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian and Spanish. This website provides useful information for language researchers, students and staff as well as prospective candidates for the National Translator Accreditation Exam.

Student assistant 

We have an available position as student assistant in ENG11. Application deadline is Monday 15 October 2018.

Read more about it here (PDF 1mb)

Recent publications

Authors Title Publication

Kaisa Sofia Pietikäinen

Silence that speaks: The local inferences of withholding a response in intercultural couples' conflicts

Journal of Pragmatics Volume 129; page 76 - 89; 2018 

Gisle Andersen

Corpus construction. In Jucker, Andreas H., Klaus P. Schneider & Wolfram Bublitz (eds.)

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Bjørge, Anne Kari;

Madsen Sandvik, Alexander;

Whittaker, Sunniva

The recontextualisation of values in the multilingual workplace

Corporate communications: An international journal, 22, 3, 401–416, 2017

Ingrid Simonnæs; Marita Kristiansen



Economic language


Languages for Special Purposes: An International Handbook; page 151 - 185; 2018

Gisle Andersen

A corpus study of pragmatic adaptation: The case of the Anglicism [ jobb] in Norwegian

Journals of Pragmatics 2017, Volume 113, 127-143; 2017