Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication

Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication

Language skills and cultural understanding are increasingly important in a globalised world.

NHH is proud of its leading academic environment for research and teaching in the field of language for special purposes (LSP) and intercultural communication, in particular professional language within the fields of economics and business administration.

The department carries out research and offers courses in language and communication in English, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian and Spanish. This website provides useful information for language researchers, students and staff as well as prospective candidates for the National Translator Accreditation Exam.



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Bjørge, Anne Kari;

Madsen Sandvik, Alexander;

Whittaker, Sunniva

The recontextualisation of values in the multilingual workplace

Corporate communications: An international journal, 22, 3, 401–416, 2017

Gisle Andersen

A corpus study of pragmatic adaptation: The case of the Anglicism [jobb] in Norwegian

Journals of Pragmatics 2017, Volume 113, 127-143

Dahl, Trine

co-authors: Fløttum, Kjersti and Rivenes, Vegard

Young Norwegians and their views on climate change and the future: findings from a climate concerned and oil-rich nation 

Journal of Youth Studies 2016, 19 (8), 1128-1143

Bjørge, Anne Kari

Conflict talk and ELF communities of practice

In: Holmes, P. and Dervin, F. (eds.) The cultural and intercultural dimensions of English as a lingua franca, 2016, 114–133, Multilingual Matters

Ly, Annelise

Internal e-mail communication in the workplace: Is there an “East-West divide”?

Intercultural Pragmatics 2016, 13 (1), 37-70

Ly, Annelise

Rygg, Kristin

Challenges of teaching intercultural business communication in times of turbulence

In: Dervin, F. and Gross, Z. (eds.) Intercultural Competence: Alternative Approaches for Today´s Education, 2016, 215-236, Palgrave McMillan

Rygg, Kristin

Was Malinowski Norwegian?

Journal of Intercultural Communication 2016, 40 (1)

Andersen, Gisle

Semi-lexical features in corpus transcription: Consistency, comparability, standardisation

International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 2016, 21(3), 323-347

Andersen, Gisle

Kirk, John

Compilation, transcription, markup and annotation of spoken corpora

International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 2016, 21(3), 291-298

Andersen, Gisle

Using the corpus-driven method to chart discourse-pragmatic change

In: Pichler, Heike (ed.) Discourse-pragmatic variation and change in English: New methods and insights, 2016, 21-40, Cambridge University Press

Gjesdal, Anje Müller

Lyse, Gunn Inger

Exploring an environmental neologism in Norwegian across corpora

Neologica 2016, 10, 39-57

 Simonnæs, Ingrid



Auf den Spuren des Wissenssystems Recht als Voraussetzung für adäquate Übersetzungen


In: Kalverkämper, Hartwig (Hg.) Fachkommunikation im Fokus - Paradigmen, Positionen, Perspektiven, 2016, 609-631, Frank & Timme