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Professor emerita Ingrid Simonnæs

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Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication
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Ingrid Simonnæs has been a faculty member at the Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication at NHH Norwegian School of Economics from 1973 until 2012. She has been a professor emerita since 2012 at the same department where she has been teaching German at bachelor and master level. She holds a dr. art. degree from the University of Bergen (2004) on “Problems of understanding LSP-texts. Concept Systems and Paraphrases as Instruments of Visualization and Verbalization in the Communication between Experts and Lay persons. An Investigation into Court Decisions” (translated from German).

Since 1985 she has been a government authorized translator (statsautorisert translatør) in Norwegian-German/German-Norwegian. In that capacity she is an experienced resource for the Department in connection with the National Translator Accreditation Exam.

Her current research interests are text linguistics of LSP, legal linguistics and translation studies, all concerned with the interplay of law and language in a Norwegian-German/German-Norwegian setting. She is a member of the RELINE network, a Danish-based international research network that promotes interdisciplinary studies in the interaction of language and the law. She is currently taking part in the project Termportalen. This is part of the CLARINO project where previous resources, from her legal dictionary on Norwegian-German legal terminology, are to be updated and completed before being made accessible via a common search interface.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Simonnæs, Ingrid; Kristiansen, Marita Economic language Languages for Special Purposes: An International Handbook; page 151 - 185; 2018
Simonnæs, Ingrid Terminologische Datenbanken als Verstehens- und Formulierungshilfe beim Übersetzen von Rechtstexten Parallèles Volume 30 (1); page 120 - 136; 2018
Simonnæs, Ingrid Legal language - Pragmatic approaches to its interconnectivity with legal interpretation and legal translation Meta : Journal des traducteurs Volume 61 (2); page 421 - 438; 2016
Simonnæs, Ingrid Auf den Spuren des Wissenssystems Recht als Voraussetzung für adäquate Übersetzungen Fachkommunikation im Fokus – Paradigmen, Positionen, Perspektiven; page 609 - 633; 2016
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