Kaisa Sofia Pietikäinen

Associate professor Kaisa Sofia Pietikäinen

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Professional and Intercultural Communication
Language and Communication English as a lingua franca Intercultural Communication Multilingualism Conversation Analysis

Kaisa S. Pietikäinen first joined the Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication in 2018 as a postdoctoral fellow. In 2022 she was hired at the department as Associate Professor of English language. 

Dr Pietikäinen has a PhD degree in English philology from the University of Helsinki (2017) and an MA degree in Cross-Cultural Communication and Media from Newcastle University (2012). Before her academic career, she worked several years in the advertising industry as a copywriter. 

Dr Pietikäinen’s research interests revolve around the use of English along with other languages and semiotic means in intercultural settings. She has published in several prestigious journals and publications (e.g., Journal of Pragmatics, Applied Linguistics, The Routledge Handbook of English as a Lingua Franca) on topics such as English as a lingua franca, conversation analysis, pragmatics, and multilingualism. 

Her current research projectDigital collaboration platforms as learning environments in multilingual business communities investigates how and what kinds of linguistic and multimodal practices are acquired and developed on digital platforms at a multinational IT company. The project provides novel insights into how contemporary multilingual workforce juggles between multiple parallel tasks and online communication channels while acquiring, using and adapting linguistic, discursive and multimodal practices. The project answers a call for a holistic research approach that takes multilingualism into consideration in second language acquisition studies, while engaging with the entirety of semiotic forms which contribute to meaning-making. 

Dr Pietikäinen is also involved in several international research collaborations such as a pedagogical project between NHH and WU Vienna University of Economics and Business entitled The best of both worlds: an online intercultural collaboration between NHH and WU Vienna.The project brings English for Business Communication students from both institutions together for a virtual intercultural negotiation session, training students’ skills in intercultural pragmatics and English as a business lingua franca. 


English business communication, intercultural communication, English as a business lingua franca

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Pietikäinen, Kaisa S.; Gühr, Louisa English in Nordic multilingual families English in the Nordic Countries: Connections, Tensions, and Everyday Realities; page 204 - 226; 2023
Pietikäinen, Kaisa Sofia The influence of context on language alternation practices in English as a lingua franca Journal of English as a Lingua Franca Volume 10 (1); page 1 - 30; 2021
Pietikäinen, Kaisa Sofia Analysing Multilingual/Lingua Franca Interactions using Conversation Analysis: Notes on Transcription and Representability ELF Research Methods and Approaches to Data and Analyses : Theoretical and Methodological Underpinnings; page 179 - 196; 2020
Pietikäinen, Kaisa Sofia On second language/nonnative speakerism in conversation analysis: A study of emic orientations to language in multilingual/lingua franca couple interactions Journal of Pragmatics Volume 169; page 136 - 150; 2020
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