PhD specialisation in Professional and Intercultural Communication

PhD specialisation in Professional and Intercultural Communication

PhD specialisation in the Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication provides PhD candidates with a solid training in the production of high quality research within one of the department’s four research areas.

The training is based on close cooperation with other national and international institutions offering similar programmes and is open to candidates with either NHH-funding or external funding. The students must undertake relevant course work equivalent to 45 ECTS at NHH if applicable. Additional thematic courses are organized by the Norwegian Graduate Researcher School in Linguistics and Philology (Lingphil). Given the international focus of the Department, the students are strongly encouraged to carry out some of their coursework abroad.

Candidates may be included in the department’s current research projects.

  • Departmental requirements for admission

    Departmental requirements for admission

    Qualifying education should normally be a master’s degree in one of the following languages: English, German, French, Norwegian or Spanish. Candidates holding a master’s degree in general linguistics are also eligible. In addition to the master’s degree, emphasis will be placed on the relevance of the master’s thesis to the Department’s research areas. Some formal education in economics, business administration or other social sciences is an advantage.

    Candidates who have passed the National Translator Accreditation Exam in addition to a relevant master’s degree are encouraged to apply.

    A good command of a Scandinavian language is desirable.

  • Areas of research

  • Current doctoral projects

    Current doctoral projects

    • A cognitive study on the relationship between translation competence, translation strategies and the translated product.
    • Discursive positioning in climate change discourse: the case of Bolivia.
  • Completed PhD thesis

    Completed PhD thesis

    PhD Theses

    Authors Title Publication

    Claudia Förster Hegrenæs

    Translation Competence Development and the Distribution of Cognitive Effort: An Explorative Study of Student Translation Behavior

    PhD Thesis 2018

    Pedro Patiño García

    Description and representation in language resources of Spanish and English specialized collocations from free trade agreements

    PhD thesis 2017

    Annelise Ly

    International internal communication in the workplace: A transdisciplinary approach

    PhD thesis 2016

    Kari Øvsthus

    Conceptual versus Terminological Clarification: A Study of Corporate Governance

    PhD Thesis 2016

    Christian Langerfeld

    Metaphern und metaphorische Modelle in Artikeln der Wirtschaftspresse und in wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Zeitschriftenaufsätzen. Am Beispiel des Deutschen und Norwegischen

    PhD thesis 2015

    Beate Sandvei

    Las construcciones relativas especificativas en el español hablado en Argentina: Su forma y sus funciones

    PhD thesis 2012

    Kristin Rygg

    Direct and indirect communicative styles : a study in sociopragmatics and intercultural communication based on interview discourse with Norwegian and Japanese business executives

    PhD thesis 2012

    Ole Kristian Våge

    El conocimiento supradisciplinario en la terminologia: el caso de la acuicultura

    PhD thesis 2012

    Marita Kristiansen

    The Multi-Disciplinary Nature of the Social Sciences. Investigating Disciplinary Autonomy in Organisational Behaviour by means of Terminological Analysis

    PhD thesis 2005

    Verstehensprobleme bei Fachtexten. Zu Begriffssystemen und Paraphrasen als Visualisierungs- bzw. Verbalisisierungsinstrumente in der Kommunikation zwischen Fachmann und Laien. Eine Untersuchung anhand gerichtlicher Entscheidungen

    PhD thesis 2004

    Anne Kari Bjørge

    Appositions in British journalism. A corpus-based study of

    PhD thesis 2001

    Trine Dahl

    Lexical cohesion-based text condensation. An evaluation of automatically produced summaries of research articles by comparison with author-written abstracts

    PhD thesis 2000

    Sunniva Whittaker

    La notion de gradation: applications aux adjectifs

    PhD thesis 1998

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