Annelise Ly

Associate Professor Annelise Ly

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Professional and Intercultural Communication
Language and Communication Intercultural Business Communication; Business Communication; Global Leadership; Diversity and Inclusion


Annelise Ly is Associate Professor at the department of Professional and Intercultural Communication at NHH.


She researches topics related to intercultural business communication, language issues in workplace settings, leadership narratives and diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

She has a multidisciplinary background and works at the intersection of intercultural business communication/cross-cultural management, global leadership and applied linguistics. She was a member of several multidisciplinary research groups: Cross-Border Value Creation (CiBiViCi) at SNF/NHH, FOCUS (Future-Oriented Corporate Solutions) at NHH and EURLING (linguistic complexity of political discourse on European integration) at the University of Bergen.

She has conducted fieldwork in several countries, including China, Korea, India, Norway, Sweden, Germany and France. Coming from a multicultural background, she thrives when cultures and disciplines meet and aims to bridge these effectively.

Her work has been published in international journals and peer-reviewed books. The list of her publications can be found in her CV and on Cristin.


Ly teaches intercultural business communication, global leadership and French language and French society at NHH. She resorts to active learning methods such as Team-Based Learning and flipped classroom. Her teaching is interactive, innovative, and inspired by best practice examples from Harvard Business School (2019), colleagues at NHH and students’ feedback. She was awarded the status of Excellent Teacher Practitioner (merittert underviser) in 2021. 

Ly is also engaged in science communication. She has participated in podcasts (Ledertaffel at NHH, NOKUT) and has featured articles and interviews in Dagens NæringslivPersonal og, among others. She also regularly gives talks in companies.

Ly holds a PhD in intercultural communication (2016) from NHH, an International Master in Management (2006) from SKEMA business school (Lille, France), a Master of French from the University of Bergen and a specialisation in teaching French as a foreign language (FLE) (2006) from la Sorbonne University in Paris, France.

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Areas of expertise (Norwegian): 

Interkulturell kommunikasjon, kulturforståelse, global ledelse, mangfold og inkludering.

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Ly, Annelise International internal communication: a transdisciplinary approach 2016
Ly, Annelise Internal e-mail communication in the workplace: Is there an “East-West divide”? Intercultural Pragmatics Volume 13 (1); page 37 - 70; 2016
Ly, Annelise Fostering Student Engagement and Oral Practise in an Online French Course During COVID-19: Implementation, Reflection, and Strategies Handbook of Research on Effective Online Language Teaching in a Disruptive Environment; page 270 - 287; 2021
Ly, Annelise Redéfinir le dirigeant d’entreprise : le retravail de l’ethos collectif dans le discours de remise de diplômes de Faber Argumentation et Analyse du Discours Volume 26 (17 pages); 2021
Ly, Annelise; Spjeldnæs, Ingrid Onarheim Strategies to survive on foreign turf: experience sharing and reflections from two apparent aliens in the field Field Guide to Intercultural Research; page 204 - 215; 2021
Ly, Annelise Réflexions pour repenser le management interculturel Le Langage et l'Homme Volume 2019 (1); page 23 - 34; 2019
Ly, Annelise Making Sense of Communication and Cultural Differences in the Workplace: The Case of Sino-Scandinavian Collaborations Intercultural Communication with China Beyond (Reverse) Essentialism and Culturalism?; page 111 - 131; 2017
Ly, Annelise; Rygg, Kristin Challenges of teaching intercultural business communication in times of turbulence Intercultural Competence in Education: Alternative Approaches for Different Times; page 215 - 236; 2016
Ly, Annelise Getting Access to Language Data in the Workplace: Role Enactment as a Data-Generation Method The Ins and Outs of Business and Professional Discourse Research Reflections on Interacting with the Workplace; page 63 - 80; 2015
Fløttum, Kjersti; Ly, Annelise Le sommet sur le changement climatique de Copenhague en 2009 et les espérances brisées au Parlement européen INTERPRETER L'EVENEMENT. Aspects linguistiques, discursifs et sociétaux; page 155 - 163; 2014
Ly, Annelise Images and roles of the European Union in the climate change debate: A cognitive approach to metaphors in the European Parliament Speaking of Europe. Approaches to complexity in European political discourse; page 151 - 170; 2013
Ly, Annelise A critical discussion of Hofstede’s concept of Power Distance SYNAPS: A Journal of Professional Communication Volume 28; page 51 - 66; 2013
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Teaching areas

Global Leadership, Intercultural Business Communication, French Language and Culture, Chinese Business Culture


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