Ina Celise Sortland

PhD Candidate Ina Celise Sortland

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Professional and Intercultural Communication
Second Language Acquisition (SLA) Norwegian as a second language language learning in workplace settings

Ina Celise Sortland is a PhD Research Scholar at the Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). She has a teacher qualification in Norwegian language and literature and holds a master’s degree in Norwegian as a second language from the University of Bergen (UiB).

In her academic journey, she has maintained an emphasis on the field of Second Language Acquisition, particularly exploring crosslinguistic influence during her master’s thesis. Currently, she is further exploring this field, with a particular focus on language learning within workplace settings, adding to the literature on language learning in real-world contexts in multilingual environments.

Some of her teaching experiences include a course on second language teaching, as well as courses in Norwegian tailored for international students and employees.

Her interest in language learning, culture and research has been profoundly influenced by her international experiences, including extended stays and studies in Australia, Spain, France, and Nicaragua.


Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Sortland, Ina Celise Konseptuell transfer – ein studie av spanske norskinnlærarar sitt val av tempusformer i norsk som andrespråk Nye innsikter i norsk som andrespråk. Inspirert av Kari Tenfjords forskning; page 59 - 86; 2022
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Norwegian Language for Foreign Students Level 1 (NOR10, NHH)