Anne Kari Bjørge

Professor emerita Anne Kari Bjørge

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Professional and Intercultural Communication
Language and Communication English as a lingua franca Professional communication Intercultural communication Corporate language management


Anne Kari Bjørge came to NHH in 1983 from the University of Bergen, and has been a full professor since 2016. Her research focuses on English used as a lingua franca (ELF) in international business, and how the choice of corporate language for multilingual workforces impacts on their social and professional identity. Central ELF topics are dealing with conflict and managing rapport in ELF negotiations, backchannelling behaviour and ELF use in business communities of practice, and cultural differences that surface in ELF oral and written communication. In recent years she has been working on projects concerning the corporate offshoring of language-sensitive services in Europe, and the effects of this practice on the workforces in question when it comes to multilingual practices, both professionally and socially.

Her research has informed her teaching profile, which concentrates on professional English and intercultural communication issues.

Anne Kari has held a number of administrative positions during her career, and was head of department for the period 2013–2017. She received NHH’s publication bonus in 2012 for her article in Applied Linguistics on expressing disagreement in ELF negotiations.

Areas of expertise: English as a (business) lingua franca, Professional communication, Intercultural communication, Corporate language management

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Areas of expertise (Norwegian): Engelsk lingua franca, Fagspråkkommunikasjon, Interkulturell kommunikasjon, Flerspråklighet i arbeidslivet

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Bjørge, Anne Kari; Tomescu Baciu, Sanda; Whittaker, Sunniva Student perspectives on future careers: What is the role of languages? A Romanian case study. Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai Philologia Volume 65 (3); page 49 - 64; 2020
Bjørge, Anne Kari; Whittaker, Sunniva Offshoring language-sensitive services: a case study Corporate Communications. An International Journal; 2018
Bjørge, Anne Kari; Sandvik, Alexander Madsen; Whittaker, Sunniva The recontextualisation of values in the multilingual workplace Corporate Communications. An International Journal Volume 22 (3); page 401 - 416; 2017
Bjørge, Anne Kari Conflict talk and ELF communities of practice The Cultural and Intercultural Dimensions of English as a Lingua Franca; page 114 - 133; 2016
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teaching areas

English for professional purposes, Intercultural business communication, Cross-cultural management practice