8. Planning for the internships and hiring student assistants

8. Planning for the internships and hiring student assistants

We started the process of contacting companies for internships. For that purpose, we expanded our team even further.

We hired two student assistants that will take on the majority of the workload of that sales task. I am happy to present Sonia Fajen and Daniel Berlin to you.

Berlin.jpeg Fajen.jpeg
Daniel Berlin Sonia Fajen

Sonia is an international student from Germany. She is enrolled in the Master program with the major in Marketing and Brand Management. Daniel, who is also fluent in German, is a Bachelor student at NHH with experience in sales. We are really happy to have both on board. Both bring a great spirit to the team. 

German embassy.png Norwegian embassy.png

Already before hiring Daniel and Sonia, we were using NHH’s network and were reaching out to the German embassy in Norway and the Norwegian embassy in Germany, asking for endorsement and assistance for our project. Both ambassadors are very open, and promised us endorsement letters. Our brand in Germany is not very strong (yet), and this endorsement may be key to get in contact with companies.

IN_CMYK.png AHK.png

Furthermore, we reached out to Innovation Norway and the German-Norwegian chamber of commerce. Even though we contacted them individually, they invited us to our surprise to a joint meeting and invited also the Norwegian embassy. This meeting was very promising as everyone involved promised to support us and to spread the news. Innovation Norway also directly agreed to offer one internship (Great!).

Now that we have the team for the internship task together, we can finalize our approach on contacting the companies. First, we have to develop “marketing material” that ensures that we appear professional. We will spend the next days on developing this material.