Innovation School at UC Berkeley

Innovation School at UC Berkeley

Study the sources of success in the heartland of true entrepreneurship.

The Innovation School is a collaboration between NHH and University of California, Berkeley in the US. It is a brand new summer programme for students who are curious about what makes certain companies more innovative. What is the source of innovation and what can current companies do to become innovative?

The programme explores examples from Silicon Valley and other large organizations that have succeeded in creating a culture of innovation, and prepares programme participants for creating the needed cultural change for companies to operate and compete more effectively on a global level.

Photo: University of California, Berkeley
Photo: University of California, Berkeley
Photo: University of California, Berkeley
Photo: University of California, Berkeley

The programme is a mix of five critical areas:

a) Innovation and the anatomy of corporate culture
b) The process of taking an idea and accumulating resources to commercialize it
c) How to create and grow entrepreneurial organisations
d) New rules of effective leadership in an innovative culture
e) Sources of financing new ventures

Why do some companies attract a driven and entrepreneurial workforce?

How do some companies consistently out-innovate others in their field and what can a company learn from the Silicon Valley’s engine of entrepreneurship and innovation?

These questions are addresses by a combination of lecture, case discussion, guest speakers and class projects.

About the programme

The course is held at UC Berkeley in the summer of 2018, lasts 10 weeks and is worth 30 ECTS. All session credits are granted by NHH and will be incorporated as part of your master's degree.

Innovation School is approved by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund.

You can find student evaluations from the 2017 Innovation School programme on the itslearning page/course "Seksjon for utveksling og internasjonalisering."

Admission requirements and application procedure