Innovation School at UC Berkeley

Innovation School at UC Berkeley

Study the sources of success in the heartland of true entrepreneurship. Application deadline: 15 October 2017.

The Innovation School is a collaboration between NHH and University of California, Berkeley in the US. It is a brand new summer programme for students who are curious about what makes certain companies more innovative. What is the source of innovation and what can current companies do to become innovative?

The programme explores examples from Silicon Valley and other large organizations that have succeeded in creating a culture of innovation, and prepares programme participants for creating the needed cultural change for companies to operate and compete more effectively on a global level.

Photo: University of California, Berkeley
Photo: University of California, Berkeley
Photo: University of California, Berkeley
Photo: University of California, Berkeley

The programme is a mix of five critical areas:

a) Innovation and the anatomy of corporate culture
b) The process of taking an idea and accumulating resources to commercialize it
c) How to create and grow entrepreneurial organisations
d) New rules of effective leadership in an innovative culture
e) Sources of financing new ventures

Why do some companies attract a driven and entrepreneurial workforce?

How do some companies consistently out-innovate others in their field and what can a company learn from the Silicon Valley’s engine of entrepreneurship and innovation?

These questions are addresses by a combination of lecture, case discussion, guest speakers and class projects.

About the programme

The course is held at UC Berkeley in the summer of 2018, lasts ten weeks (11 June – 17 August 2018).

The programme includes one day a week with coursework at UC Berkeley and four days a week at a full time internship in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Presentation from the Innovation School information meeting September 2017

  • Application Procedure

    Application Procedure


    • The application for 2018 is scheduled to open from 1 October.
    • The deadline to apply for Innovation School is the 15 October.

    You will receive the answer to your application in mid-November. There will then be four days for you to accept the offer.

    There are 40 places available. The applicants will be evaluated and assessed by the Section for Admissions. Your academic results, how far you have come in your education and your motivation will be emphasized in the evaluation. Relevant work experience is a plus.


    1. CV in English
    2. Motivation letter in English. This will also be used in the matching of students and innovation companies. Write two pages maximum. The letter must include:

    • Why you are applying for Innovation School
    • What you know about the programme
    • How you got to know about the programme
    • Why we should choose you
    • What you wish to gain from the programme (future plans etc.)

    3. List of preferred internship role/industry (non-binding)

    You do not need to upload a transcript of records.


    Upload your documents in one PDF-file. Other file types will not be possible to open, and will not be evaluated.

    Please upload only the documents we ask for. Other documents will not be taken into consideration and may instead cause a delayed answer to your application (work and voluntary experiences should be stated in your CV with references. Do not upload additional work certificates etc.).
    Make sure your documents are easy to read.

    Save your document as "LastnameFirstname.pdf".
    Example: "Kardashian.Kim.pdf".

  • Admission Requirements

    Admission Requirements

    You must be a student from NHH:

    If you are a bachelor student:

    • You can apply if you have completed 120 ECTS and your degree will be completed in the spring semester 2018. However, master students are given priority.

    If you are a master student:

    • You can apply if you have NOT completed your minor (22,5 ECTS) and all electives after the Spring Semester 2018

    You must be fluent in English, both oral and written
    You need to be motivated and possess the appropriate qualities and attitudes
    You need good academic results

    Both Norwegian and international students can apply. However if you are an international student you are usually not eligible for loans and scholarships from The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen).

    It is not possible to combine Innovation School with a master level exchange semester, CEMS or Double Degree.

    Students who have already been accepted to an exchange semester in the spring of 2018 may apply for Innovation School, but if they are accepted they must withdraw from the exchange in order to keep their place at Innovation School.

  • Costs


    The cost of the program is estimated to be USD 10,300. This includes:

    • Approx. USD 7 300 for tuition + internship
    • Approx. USD 3 000 and upwards for housing

    Additional costs:

    • travel to/from the US
    • visa
    • visa visit to the UA embassy in Oslo
    • insurance
  • Funding


    Innovation School is approved by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. Therefore, Norwegian students are eligible for funding from Lånekassen (Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund) to cover tuition and internship cost, two months of basic support and travel expenses.

    If you are an international student, you are usually not eligible for leans and scholarships from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen).

  • Accomodation


    Students have a choice between finding housing on their own or staying in accommodation arranged by UC Berkely in the Berkeley Campus area.

    Students choosing the Berkeley Campus option will be accommodated in apartments in the International House for nine weeks. On the 10th week, students will have to move to another accommodation also arranged by UC Berkeley.

  • Visa


    Once you are admitted to the program, UC Berkeley will help you and you will receive more information on the process.

    However, you need to be aware that you are responsible for getting a visa yourself. That includes among other things, arranging the required insurance, visiting the embassy in Oslo and covering the visa expenses (approximately NOK 2000).

  • Internships Placement Process

    Internships Placement Process

    When you apply, you will be asked to prioritize the industries and/or the roles you will possibly be interested in working.

    Based on your indications UC Berkeley will match your application with an innovative company.

    The process of internships placement requires among other things Skype interviews with potential companies.

  • Recognition


    Innovation School is a NHH Programme taught at UC Berkeley. Therefore, all session credits are granted by NHH and will be incorporated as part of your masters degree on a pass/fail basis.

    The course is worth 30 ECTS and will constitute your minor (22,5 ECTS) and an elective course (7,5 ECTS).

  • Innovation School and Gründerskolen

    Innovation School and Gründerskolen

    Innovation School is a program that complements the Gründerskolen program. Gründerskolen focuses on entrepreneurship and Innovation School focuses on innovation in already established companies.

    Students can apply to both programs but can only accept one.

  • Want to know more?

    Want to know more?

    You can find student evaluations from the 2017 Innovation School programme on the itslearning page/course "Seksjon for internasjonale relasjoner."

    If you have any questions concerning admission, please send an email to

    Any other questions please send an email to